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 Okay, so cat wands aren’t exactly new to the market. However, this particular product is.
Having never had more than one cat at a time, I can’t tell you personally whether or not it’s difficult to introduce new cats to one another. However, I do hear of others who state that their cats do not always get along very well. When that happens, you might want to turn to pheromones to help your cats learn to get along just a bit better. When there is cat-feuds and aggression in the home, it’s not uncommon for many cats to feel as if they are in the middle of a warzone with one another. This product is designed to do what we all want; to diffuse the situation. The pheromones in the diffuser make it easier for you to be able to get your cats to calm down and relax, and it makes it far easier for your cats to get along with one another. It’s not a miracle worker, by any means, but it is a good idea.
Looking for something new to spoil your cat with? These products are purrrfect for your feline, even if she is finicky.
Good Cat Health Is Always in Style
Many of the new products that will be featured at the expo help to promote cat health, such as pet foods made out of quality ingredients. “Pet owners are shifting to healthier eating options, like all-natural and organic, and that is extending to the products they are feeding their animals,” explains Bonaldi. You're bound to find at least one gotta-have in Dr. Marty Becker's top picks for best new cat and dog products.Cats need activity throughout the day; SmartyKat's new cat product line keeps your cat mentally engaged and physically active.Take some of the stress off your cat while boarding with these new products such as calm food and pheromone products and tips…
We’re here to save the day! With tons and tons, and tons of new cat items coming out on the market almost every single day you’re bound to get cheated by spending a fortune on a low quality and good for nothing product for your furry pal.But if you really want to get something cool and groovy for your kitty, which will be beneficial for you as well, and will offer lots of awesome interactions between you and your pet, we’ve created a list of the coolest new products for cats these days.But the truly great cat products are the ones that benefit YOU and your cat, not just the furry little creature. So, instead of spending a fortune on that overpraised and expensive new cat food you keep seeing on TV commercials, try to think outside the box.This item is definitely among the coolest new cat products on the market these days and it’s perfect for households with kids. Why? Because it offers lots of interaction between your kids and your cat.The scratching post will prevent the kitty from getting tempted by your furniture. It’s durable and big enough for cats of all sizes, but most of all – it’s easily replaceable with a new one. This product comes in various colors and while it may seem a bit bulky, it can actually fit perfectly in any area of your home.In just a few weeks, pet product manufacturers from around the world will be descending upon Orlando for the 2011 Global Pet Expo. Presented by the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association, Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, showcasing new items to help improve cats’ lives.Superstar cat behaviorist has partnered with pet product manufacturer to launch The Jackson Galaxy Collection, a new new line of innovative cat products that will thrill cat guardians everywhere! Jackson’s 20 plus years of experience working with cats is helping him redefine the cat play category and create a line of products that will truly make a difference in the lives of cats.The beautifully designed and constructed Vesper line from Hagen, yet another family-owned business, wowed. The man in the photo, likely a buyer is handling the new V-Playstation for kittens. The new Vesper line in red took the #3 spot at the Global Pet Expo New Products awards. Hagen, founded in my hometown of Montreal in 1955 was my first experience with any pet brand. The photo of the new Magic Blue, a new litter box product which naturally absorbs ammonia and litter box odors is where I sat and chatted and brainstormed ideas (it seemed like the most natural place for cat lovers) with Catit brand manager, Lucas De Boeck from Belgium. We got on so well he snuck into a cupboard and gifted me his massive and fabulous coffee table cat photography book Pure magic.