Homemade Remedies to Neutralize Cat Dander · How to Clean Cat Dander.

It can be used on dogs, cats, and small animals to neutralize dust mite and pet dander allergens
4. Wipe your cat with a cloth moistened with anti-allergen pet products like AllerPet Dander Lotion at least once a week to remove dander from the coat and to neutralize saliva allergens. You could also use this lotion in a spray bottle and then comb the hair to spread it equally. The lotion is environment friendly and non-toxic so you can apply it as frequently as required.
Use a cat dander spray on your furniture to remove allergens and neutralize pet odors
Every day, cat dander allergy sufferers wonder how to get rid of cat dander in their homes. What is cat dander? Dander is the cat’s dead skin cells. Humans and pets shed dead skin cells every day. Dander is not always visible flakes, but the resulting pet dander allergy symptoms are the same. Symptoms of pet dander allergies include asthma; itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; itchy, red skin; and rashes. There are some practical steps you can take for reducing cat dander that may offer you allergy relief not only from cat dander but also from other allergy triggers like dust mites.
The first step in cat dander control is to brush the cat every day to reduce the amount of loose hair; your cat will love the attention, too. You can try to treat the cat with an oatmeal pet dander shampoo once a week, but an easy alternative treatment is to purchase pet grooming wipes that remove odor from the cat’s coat and moisturize his dry, itchy skin. The trick for how to get rid of cat dander is to pay special attention to the source and make you treat the cat’s skin and coat with wipes and adding a fatty acid supplement to your cat’s food to hydrate his skin and condition his coat. It only takes about a teaspoon for every 20 pound of body weight, and you simply mix it in his food.
The next step involves cleaning cat dander in the house. Vacuum every day, including furniture. Use a cat dander spray on your furniture to remove allergens and neutralize pet odors. Spray it on sofas, chairs, beds, blankets, carpets, clothing, pet bedding and into the air to remove airborne allergens. You may also consider running an air cleaner with a HEPA filter.
Finally, restrict your cat’s run of the house; keep him out of the bedrooms. Purchase dust mite bedding covers for your mattresses, duvets, and pillows. Allergy covers for bedding will provide a barrier for not only the cat dander but also dust mites. Taking these steps for how to get rid of cat dander in the home can result in a cleaner home overall for those with allergies to cats and may allow you to provide a permanent home for your pet. having an anti-allergen strategy to neutralize the particular cat dander.Well first of all it takes 6mos for cat dander to disappear or neutralize.Homemade Remedies to Neutralize Cat Dander.
5. Wash your pet weekly. Recent studies have indicated that some significant reduction in the amount of pet allergens occurs with weekly washing of dogs and cats. A number of shampoo products are available in pet stores that may neutralize or inactivate allergens present on the skin of cats and dogs. (You don't even have to do it yourself; Doggie Bath, based in Manhattan, will wash your dog right in your own home!) Two commonly used products, Allerpet and Nature's Miracle Dander and Odor Eliminator, come in spray bottles that let you spray some solution on your pet, rub them down with a cloth, and you're done. (Allerpet/C, D and B treats cats, dogs and birds, respectively.)How does it work? Well, this bacteria can neutralize the protein found in the dander which removes the irritant in it making the dander harmless. A sharp reader will notice the opening statement in this post – “I have had several cats when I was in India with no allergies”. Have you made the connection yet? There’s more dirt in India – cats get exposed to more dirt and their dander is automatically neutralized! No wonder I was never allergic to any cats in India. It’s this sterile environment in the US which causes problems Medicate your allergies with antihistamines, inhalers and/or nasal sprays. See your doctor for a medication recommendation . Histamines are a protection mechanism that the body releases when we come into contact with or breathe in allergens or dangerous bacteria/viruses. A normal body will release just enough histamine to protect the body from the invader. But a person who is allergic to something will have a body that overreacts to an allergen and releases too many histamines causing the allergy symptoms we all know. Antihistamines neutralize excess amounts of histamines in the body.Marketed by Allerpet Solutions, this product helps remove cat dander and saliva, another allergen, from the animal's coat. Lightly wet a sponge, towel or washcloth and with the neutralizing solution and rub it all over the cat's body, with the way the hair lays and then against it. It also contains a skin conditioner. The 12 oz. bottle contains enough solution to keep the cat's dander down for approximately three months. Allerpet has other solutions to reduce allergens in dogs and birds.