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Specially for neutered cats (from 7 to 12 years old) with a tendency to beg for food
To address the nutritional needs of neutered and spayed cats by sex and by age, Royal Canin developed Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Neutered Cat food in four formulas: Growth (from weaning through spay/neutering), Neutered Cat Young Male (post-surgery to age 7), Neutered Cat Young Adult (post-surgery to age 7, for mixed cat households) and Neutered Cat Mature (for neutered cats over 7 years of age).
Specially for neutered cats (from 7 to 12 years old) with a tendency to beg for food
Now would be a good time to address the old issue of neutering and weight gain. Although it's a popular theory that a neutered cat will grow fat, this is not a firm rule. If you don't want your cat to get fat, then feed him a balanced cat food in the appropriate amount, and make sure he gets some exercise. This is easily accomplished by providing your pet with a stocked with a few hanging toys for him to amuse himself. Is it bad to feed my neutered cat regular cat food? - QuoraNov 6, 2012 - That's the first time I've heard of special food for spayed/neutered catsRoyal Canin Adult Spayed/Neutered Canned Cat Food | Petco
But even if spayed and neutered cats need fewer calories per day than do intact cats, that doesn’t mean they are destined to get fat. I recently ran across the results of two studies that showed when female and male cats had free access to food, they both ate significantly more post-surgery than they did pre-surgery. I can’t come up with a good explanation for this. Nobody argues that a cat’s needs for calories increase after spaying and neutering, so why are the cats eating more? Something to do with the hormonal changes going on in their bodies, I suppose.TNR is the method of humanely trapping community cats, having them spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies, and then returning them to their colony to live out their lives. TNR also involves a colony caretaker who provides food and adequate shelter and monitors the cats' health. TNR has been shown to be the least costly and the most humane, efficient way of stabilizing community cat populations. TNR helps stabilize the population of community colonies and, over time, reduces them. Nuisance behaviors such as spraying, excessive noisemaking and fighting are largely eliminated and no additional kittens are born.Of course, you don’t want to scrimp on nutrition during this important time (after all, most cats are spayed or neutered when they are still young and growing), so make sure the food that you are offering packs a lot of nutritional bang per bite and is made from natural, high-quality ingredients.A community colony caretaker is an individual (or group of individuals) who manages one or more community colonies in a community. The caretaker keeps an eye on the cats—providing food, water and shelter, spaying/neutering and emergency medical care. Some shelters and rescue groups even give out free or low-cost spay/neuter coupons to colony caretakers.By stabilizing the population, cats will naturally have more space, shelter and food and fewer risks of disease. After being spayed or neutered, cats living in colonies tend to gain weight and live healthier lives. Spayed cats are less likely to develop breast cancer and will not be at risk for ovarian or uterine cancer, while neutered males will not get testicular cancer. Neutering male cats also reduces the risk of injury and infection, since intact males have a natural instinct to fight with other cats. Spaying also means female cats do not go into heat. That means they attract fewer tom cats to the area, which reduces fighting.I buy special Royal Canin food for neutered cats which is providedas prophylaxis. I hope we will avoid from this horrible and painfulproblem, won`t we?
Fortunately my 1,5 years old cats doesn`t show any symptoms of thisillness. We live in the countryside, and we don`t have a vet clinicnear here. I feel terrified, - what to do if something like thishappens.