Scientist Cat Collar Atoms Nerdy Small Cat / by Pugs2Persians - Etsy

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Scientist Cat Collar Atoms Nerdy Small Cat / Kitten Size - Etsy
There is a lot of cute, nerdy stuff in this collection. As my title implies, I’m glad to see not just the items themselves but the diversity of items offered. Dogs usually get all the cool media stuff (see: Petsmart’s lame Marvel dog t-shirts) and the cats get shafted. I have cats. I know. I’m kind of a cat lady. Whatever. I’ve accepted this. I’m always sad that I can never find cool stuff for them. Talkin' nerdy quick release cat collar with removable bell and hot pink buckle.Scientist Cat Collar Atoms Nerdy Small Cat / by Pugs2PersiansNerdy cat collar | Etsy NZ