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Building on the analysis presented in the previous editions of this report, this fully updated edition of Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly Pet Products in the U.S. divides the market into two classifications: pet food and pet care, with the latter defined as encompassing all nonfood pet supplies (cat litter, grooming products, flea/tick care products, supplements, clean-up products, etc.). For each classification, coverage includes historical and projected retail sales estimates from 2009 through 2019, competitive strategies of key players, and trends in new product development such as grain-free, low-glycemic, superfood ingredients, human-grade, raw pet food (including freeze-dried and dehydrated), refrigerated pet food, eco-friendly nonfood pet products, corporate sustainability initiatives, cause marketing, and social media usage. Featuring exclusive Packaged Facts pet owner survey data, the report homes in on food and nonfood purchasing trends across multiple categories, as well as attitudes and demographic characteristics of natural and organic pet product purchasers. Additional data sources include IRI marketer/brand sales data for mass-market channels, SPINSscan data for the natural supermarket channel and specialty gourmet channels, and Simmons data profiling trends in pet ownership and product purchasing.
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I have 7 cats and was looking for something everyone could digest well. At first By Natures Organic Chicken seemed the perfect product. After 3 months of feeding my cats, the two oldest became very sick. All of my cats started out a little chunky but the By Nature seemed to be thinning them down. I thought I had miracle food!
Two of my cats have now been hospitalized over the product and 3K+ later, all of my cats are now taking supplements for vitamin deficiencies that nearly killed two of them.
They didn’t throw up the food and ate it well but they couldn’t process it. PetGuard: Organic Pet Food, Natural dog food, healthy cat foodOrganic pet food for dogs and cats made with natural healthy ingredients by PetGuard.Evanger's Organic Grain-Free Canned Cat Food - Only Natural Pet
Within Natural Planet we are focused on providing super premium pet foods that while not totally organic in nature offer organic ingredients and other specifically selected ingredients. By definition the organic ingredients are non-gmo. Many of the other ingredients while not organic are also non-gmo in origin. At this time the US Government has not issued definitive testing standards or protocols or a certification regarding GMO status. While we make a concerted and specific effort to source non-gmo products, the testing, standards and certifications that would be needed to label the food as strictly non-gmo in nature are not in place up and down the supply chain.All These are available on sale at Only Natural Pet online. These All natural organic and Holistic cat foods are great for your cats health! Sp If you are into feeding your cat Holistically these are some great choices plus more available on the site! Lots of holiday sales and bonuses going on for a limited time! get yours before the sale ends!
Many commercial and holistic cat foods also contain vegetables. The reasons for adding them are varied. From claims that their food represents all the food groups, to individual claims about added fruits and veggies, all tend to boil down to the reasons why humans need them in their diets. Though there are some claims that cats eat vegetables contained in the stomachs of their prey, the amount contained in the stomach of a mouse, small rodent or bird is smaller than a dime, and can be considered negligible. Often, the first organ that cats ingest is the brain, which contains the highest concentration of nutrients. That's why when our mighty hunter (or huntress) leaves a present on our porch, it is usually a carcass with a missing head.

Another argument, is that cats will eat grass, therefore, they need vegetables in their diet. In fact, cats ingest grass to help cleanse their digestive tract, mostly to help pass hairballs. Upon regurgitation or elimination through the bowel, the grass will pass completely undigested and whole. Here is why: In order to extract nutrients from vegetables, carnivores and omnivores need to break down the cell walls in some way. Cooking (steaming is best), grinding, and powdering are the best methods of breaking down the cellulose walls in vegetable matter. For humans and some other animals, our chewing process is very effective in that our jaws allow us to "grind". Cats, however, do not 'chew' and grind as we do and therefore, need 'pre-digested' vegetables in order to process the nutrients they contain.
We were recently asked to evaluate By Nature’s canned Natural and Organic cat foods which are offered in four different formulas. The Natural and Organic product line includes: