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Also, on a side note… No offense to MARS, but they make cat and dog foods, treats, ect. and their other big seller is candy for humans. Just a bit of food for thought. If anyone from the MARS company happens to read this, how about an actual healthy and natural based treat product for cats? Something without grains, corn, and by-products? I would buy and support the paws off of that!
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It’s fun to show your love for your feline friend by giving them treats. Earth Animal carries and array of treats and the very best nip on the planet! Watch your cat go wild for our 100% Fish, 100% Fresh, 100% Natural Snacks for Cats. Meow! Pet 'n Shape | Natural Treats and Chews for Dogs & Cats7 Best Healthy Cat Treats - Natural Treats for Cats - Wildernesscatflea treats, natural flea control for dogs and cats
100% dried Squid spin dried and sliced into disks, this is Calamari for Cats! Created for those who are serious about the health and well-being of their kittens and cats. Recommended by top veterinarians, Kitty Kissers are the all-natural treats that cats and kittens love!The nutrients in Kitty Kissers are from 100% natural food sources. No Added Salt, No Added Sugar and No Artificial flavors and colors.

SquidConvenience? Flea Treats are tasty treats for dogs and cats. Safe, natural, effective flea control is as easy as feeding treats to your pet each day. No visits to the vet. No dips, no sprays, no messy toxic yard treatments. Flea Treats protect your pet from the fleas that are out there. Period. You'll save lots of time. Time for a walk with your best friend, or a round of catnip-enhanced games. And then some. More free time is something we all could use, isn't it? Think about it.Kitty Kissers' Natural Anchovy cat treats are all natural, dried anchovies and are irresistible to cats. For as long as fish have been on the planet, cats have been craving them! Kitty Kissers' Natural Anchovies are a perfect any-time feline snack.
Grain free foods and treats are more similar to what a wild cat might eat and what domestic cats’ ancestors ate than standard cat foods and treats. Consumers looking for a more natural or paleo diet for the cat will like grain free treats.)
Kitty Kissers are treats created for those who are serious about the health and well-being of their kittens and cats. Absolutely no additives or preservatives are ever used. No added salt or sugar Kitty Kissers can be fed as an anytime snack every time you reach for Kitty Kissers you can be sure that rigorous standards for quality, natural nutrition and wholesome goodness have been met. If you don't think cats know the difference, just watch them kiss their whickers for Kitty Kissers!Looking for healthy and natural treats for your cat? Whether your concern is weight management or general nutrition, there’s no reason why the occasional healthy treat can’t be a part of your cat’s life.
If you only add one special ingredient to your weekly meal plan - it should be Canned Pink Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Canned Pink Wild Alaskan Salmon is a simple and easy way to boost the level of healthiness in any meal! I make an attempt to feed my cats one tablespoon of canned salmon almost every day. And when I open the can, I indulge in a couple forkfuls myself each day as well. Most dry skin problems can be effectively addressed by eating some canned salmon daily. Canned salmon is high in well-preserved, naturally-formatted EPA and DHA (omega 3 essential fatty acids). You may see a lot of products advertising that they contain omega 3's, but in most cases, the omega 3's are either rancid or not in a format that we or our animals can metabolize effectively. I especially like to eat canned salmon in the morning as the high quality fats are great energizers. And as you are distributing salmon to your household - don't forget your dog either! Cats usually love salmon and consider it a real treat.

Usually one can lasts about 4 days in our household. That's my husband, me, our large dog, and two cats. Don't store left over salmon in the can - once cans are open and exposed to the air, the metal starts to oxidize. I usually separate the can into two glass bowls - one for the animals and one for the humans; you'll see skin and bones in the cans - although these are totally edible and are probably the most nutritious parts, I usually separate those parts out for the animals and save the more civilized pieces of meat for the humans... Try eating just two tablespoons of canned salmon in the morning before you start your day - it makes such a difference to energy levels and sugar cravings!
Hi Katie, these treats look great, I’d love to make a treat for my cats. However, I have read a lot about cat nutrition, and since they are obligate carnivores (unlike dogs) they shouldn’t eat vegetables or carbohydrates for that matter, and should only have a very small percentage of fat in their diets. I have noticed, however, that my cats seem to like coconut oil in small amounts occasionally. Just not so sure about the sweet potato or coconut flour, as they would never be a part of their natural diet. What are your thoughts on this?