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The diatomaceous earth (DE) shampoo is prepared from the fine powder of the naturally occurring rock, diatomaceous earth. This rock is made up of fossilized remains of ancient hard-shelled algae, diatoms, and is a powerful flea repellant. When the shampoo is applied on cats, it penetrates through the tough, waxy exoskeleton of the fleas causing dehydration and eventually killing the fleas. DE shampoo is safe for humans and pets, but it is recommended that you use approved food-grade DE that does not affect cats even if they lick it. DE can be sprinkled on cat’s hair and rubbed thoroughly or dusted on the cat’s furniture and bedding, but make sure to wear gloves and a face mask to avoid direct contact with it.
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DE or Diatomaceous Earth is a natural rock made up of remains of ancient tough shelled algae. It can be used after crushing it into powder. It is one of most effectual ways to get rid of fleas. The favorable aspect of DE is that it is harmless to pets as well as humans. The sharp edges of DE can slice through the pest’s waxy and tough exoskeleton. It causes dehydration due to which fleas die. Before using it, put on gloves and dust your hands with DE. Sprinkle it onto cat’s coat or fur and rub it thoroughly. Make sure that it does not come in contact with your eyes and nose. You can also dust it on . Use it once a day and once in a week on the bedding of your pet.Thank you… so much for posting this natural flea powder… My dogs love you. Do you know what can be used on cats? My mom’s cat has a major flea problem. She has tried just about ever chemical from the vet and over the counter… nothing has worked. It cuts them back but does not get rid of them. Again… thank you for your help.Glad to have stumbled on your website. I’m in the middle of a flea infestation with my one year old cat. My vet recommended Boric acid powder to be applied on my cat’s fur and then use a flea comb. (This is after I repeatedly bugged him for a natural, non-commercial, chemical-free solution) Again, I don’t know how safe is Boric powder.
About AVC that you mentioned.. Can I give bathe my cat with it?For Use On Cats And Kittens:
NaturVet Herbal Flea Powder can be used directly on cats, kittens, and cat bedding. *For use on kittens after weaning and when over the age of six weeks.Herbal Flea Powder for Cats:
• Is gentle enough for Kittens*
• Repel Fleas Naturally
• Is made with essential oils
• Is great for cats and cat beddingFlea and tick control products for cats come in a variety of forms: collars, powders, dips, sprays, and spot-on products, to name a few. Although there are several different types of active ingredients used for flea and tick control, the most common ingredient is pyrethrin, an that is used in pet products to repel fleas and other insects as well as to repel insects from food plants. A natural organic compound derived from the seed casings of the chrysanthemum flower, this highly effective insecticide attacks the nervous system of insects while remaining harmless to mammals, as long as the levels are very low.