Leaps & Bounds Mylar Balls Cat Toys, Pack of 10 Toys, Small

Mecari Mylar Balls Cat Toys20Piece  Find out more about the great product at the image link.
Hello,I’m not a crafts person per se. Where can I find the Pom maker as shon in your tutorial?
I just purchased 2 kittens from one of our local area cat rescues. I’m sure Simon and Spencer would love the little balls. We have old flat foil balls purchased at a pet store. I’m thinking of taking them apart and using them in the new foil balls I’m going to make. There’s lots of crinkle left in those old toys. Mylar would be another wonderful addition to your yarn foil toys. The Mylar really makes a neat crinkle noise.
Again,where can I purchase the Pom-Pom maker?
Thanks and a donation will be on the way today.
Thank you,Kitty hugs,Nancy and the little boys ????
That's one of many ways Cosmo loses his mind over these cat toys made out of mylar.
These toys mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and they are a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instinct. There's something about mylar that makes cats go crazy for it 1.5 Inch each Leaps & Bounds Mylar Balls Cat Toys, Pack of 4 Toys, SmallLeaps & Bounds Mylar Balls Cat Toys, Pack of 4 Toys, SmallLeaps & Bounds Mylar Balls Cat Toys, Pack of 4 Toys, Small
One of the best balls for cats are mylar balls. There are two different sizes - small and large,but my cats have always liked the small ones best. These balls are very light and sort of crinkly. They hold up very well, despite lots of use. My cats like to have me throw them up in the air andthey catch them with their paws. Mylar balls are great cat toys.Even fat cats won't be able to resist the shiny and crinkly texture of the Savvy Tabby Mylar Ball Cat Toys. You'll get a four pack that comes in four different colors for a varied playtime experience. Mylar’s intriguing crinkle sound is sure to keep cats entertained for hours on end.With cat toys, sometimes simple is the best way to go, and these Mylar Crinkle Balls are great for chasing, batting, and pouncing. The textured surface makes it easy for cats to grip these in their paws or mouth.Funny interactive cat toys or cat exercise toy, to calm down your cats in spring
Made of soft & lightweight Mylar texture in bright metallic colors
You kitten will go crazy with the cat ball toy that makes crinkle sound when playingMylar’s intriguing crinkle sound is sure to keep cats entertained for hours on end. These lightweight and simple toys for cats are ideal for batting and carrying around. Ms. Boo, the company cat, will even play fetch with them! There is no more important safety edict than “Know thy cat.” What attracts him? Has he developed an oral fixation on paper curling ribbon, plastic milk cap rims or aluminum foil? If so, proper disposal of these items is critical to avoid gastrointestinal upsets in your feline; for other cats, however, these items may serve as occasional, well-supervised toys. Commercial toys must be carefully scrutinized before being declared safe in your personal peaceable kingdom, too. Wands with fluttering mylar strips are appropriate for cats who only bat at them with their paws. But if your cat is like my girl Gracie, who puts everything
she catches in her mouth, this would be a dangerous plaything.