ACEO Original My Precious Cat 15 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00

ACEO Original My Precious Cat 8 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00
Precious Cat Ultra, Cat Attract litter, and the entirePrecious Cat litter line, are all created without the use of any plantproteins, which makes it virtually allergen-free for cats. Containing 100%natural clay, this was a definite appeal for me. After a nightmarish experimentwith corn-based litter that contributed to every one of my cats breaking outwith terrible feline acne, I was determined to avoid all kitty litter thatcontained any plant-based proteins or additives.
ACEO Original My Precious Cat 14 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00
Whether we like it or not, that’s just how it is with pets. We open our heart and homes to them, but they are with us for borrowed time in the scheme of our lives and we can never predict the future. Treasure each and every moment you are blessed to have with them as if it might be your last, because it truly might be. If nothing else, my beloved Harley has brought me even closer to my other cats. I have never been one to take any of them granted, but now, well, let’s just say that my appreciation and love for them has reached levels that even astound me. ACEO Original My Precious Cat 16 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00ACEO Original My Precious Cat 7 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00ACEO Original My Precious Cat 12 by RococoNika on Etsy, $32.00
Yesterday was the worst day of my life. My precious precious kitty just died. It was horrible. He was too young! Only 5 years old. THE GARAGE DOOR TOOK HIM! And his eyes were so lifeless as I picked him up for the last time. I was screeching so loud the neighbors came out of their houses to see was the racket was. Everyone was crying because they didn't want to see me crying and they didn't want to see the thing I love most die. HE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME! ;( and now he is gone. Plz help me. He was an angel. He would deserve to go to Cat Heaven. He would lay next to whenever I was sick, he would cuddle next to me every night, he was the best cat ever. I love you Claws.
When I tried , I wasimmediately struck by the lack of dust created by the product. As someone withallergies and problems with my sinuses, the previous litter I had been usingwas unbearable. The dust it created left a fine residue on everything in theroom and was kicked up any time fresh litter was added, my cats used the box,or I scooped it. The Precious Cat Ultra litter is the first I have used thatclaims to be 99.9% dust free and lives up to that claim.Precious Cat Litter was created by a feline onlyveterinarian, Dr. Bruce Elsey, who is passionate about helping cats to be happierand healthier. He shares my passion for solvingthe number one reason cats end up abandoned and in shelters – inappropriateelimination. This passion drove Dr. Elsey to create cat litters that addressthe problem of training, retraining, and keeping your cat happy with the litterbox!“My cat Vir was lonely after our elderly cat died, so we went to a local rescue and adopted a 3 month old kitten named Galen. They ADORE each other, so I’m sending you this precious photo of Vir grooming Galen because the two of them together are just so cute and happy. I’m so glad I was able to make the two of them happy by finding them each other!” – Doreen“My daughter will kill me for this story, but one of our precious cats is Ziggy, who was found nearly dead, in an abandoned vehicle. He was so tiny and dehydrated and we had no kitten milk replacer, so we fed him my daughter’s pumped breast milk a few drops at a time. He thrived on it! He’s nearly two now and I cannot imagine life without him” -Jayedee“My ex-feral cat who hides from most folks may seem weird to many people. But to me, he is my most precious possession. At 72 years of age with numerous health issues, I need someone to care for me….and my dear kitty does just that. If I am up in the middle of the night with a raging migraine plus other various aches and pains, he stands by my head/shoulder area purring loudly. He even tries to groom my hair. He knows that if he is close, it is calming, comforting when I am in such raging pain and discomfort. If I am having respiratory issues due to my lung condition, he tries to be a human heating pad by sitting directly on my chest. He just seems to know what area of the body is hurting. Unfortunately for me, his kind gesture doesn’t work too well. He detests coughing. Nothing is more precious than the bond between us…..he is my baby and I love him so. Yes, he is my precious cat.” -Lynne