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I finally found this brand of cat food, BFF that is grain free and that my four cats love
As a mom to three "fur babies" (My cats). I just wanted to say, Thank you! It was an easy switch from McDonald's cat food to The whole foods version. My 12,10 and 8 year old kitties Are back to being healthy and happy. When I opened my first can of Paw Lickin Chicken, I was shocked. It looked just like the stuff I make sandwiches with. And my babies love dinner time. We bounce between B.f.f, Cats in the Kitchen, because weluvya and Trueluxe. Humans don't eat the same meal everyday and neither should our pets. So again, thank you for such an amazing product!!
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However, Weruva, BFF's parent company, makes a wide range of flavors and many of them are fish-free. Weruva is the highest-quality canned food I've ever come across, and my cat would have waded through a lake of fire to get to a can of Weruva. I've been trying to find a healthy grain free cat food that my cats love and this BFF is it!My cats love the BFF Tuna and Chicken and Tuna and Salmon food pouches.I've tried nearly every cat food out there for my diabetic kitty and BFF has led to the best results
I am writing to tell you how much my cat loves your BFF pouches, and to thank you for your product! My cat was very sick during the spring, eating very little and losing a lot of weight. I must have thrown out 50+ cans of food that she refused to eat. I had nearly run out of options and was feeling pretty desperate. One afternoon, close to my breaking point, I offered her the tuna and salmon pouch, sprinkled with a little bit of parmesan cheese. SHE ATE IT, and it felt like a miracle! Slowly she started gaining weight again, and now, nearly 6 months later, she is healthy and vibrant. Your BFF pouches are still the only food she will eat.My kitten loves this food, and I can get the 10-oz cans at my grocery store often for about $1.75 on sale. It's the only food he'll eat even after a day in the refrigerator. Shredded is usually a win in my house. My cat has started to really shy away from Pate-style food so BFF is definitely in the rotation a little more often than I'm comfortable with considering the amount of fish.On May 5, Weruva issued a statement that they removed select Best Feline Friend (BFF) canned foods, exclusive to the Australian market, from shelves after concerns that the formulas may have been making cats sick. Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that Weruva is on my , and I feed this brand to Allegra and Ruby. I’m always concerned when I hear of a cat food recall, but of course, I’m even more concerned when it happens to a brand I know well, recommend and feed to my own cats.I’ve removed the pic of the BFF cat food pic, and replaced it with one of my own design. My sincere apologies to BFF and the gracious David Forman!I have read your article titled “Don’t Feed Fish to Your Cats and Dogs”. We appreciate the efforts to better the lives and health of companion animals. We too share that mission which is why my wife and I got into the pet food business. We are founders of Weruva and Best Feline Friend (BFF) pet foods. We manufacture cat food with both land based proteins as well as fish based formulas. While we offer fish based varieties, we believe in a sound rotational diet of protein sources. If interested, we’d be more than happy to leave you some samples of our chicken and beef varieties at your local pet store. My cats have been on BFF soft food which is high in Tuna to mix with their raw food. It’s the only way I can get them to eat raw. A little bit of high quality hard food is fine but some experts say they will have a mild case of dehydration throughout there life. A raw, dehydrated, freeze dried is always best. For them to hunt is the absolute best for them as mice are species appropriate for them. They aren’t designed to eat cooked food and myself I am working on cutting it all out except raw and hunting. I had to take my one cat off of the Tuna canned food because she got asthma. There is a link to asthma and canned fish so the experts say. They also sell Pinky mice online that are frozen that are great if this doesn’t bother you. It does me.