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The Littermaid ML980 Mega is one of the more popular entry-level rake operated cat boxes on the market, The unit is not quite as different from most of the other rake operated pet pans, however it’s certainly the highest ranking affordable cat waste box on the market.
The litter pan provides a spacious, high walled, classic design in order to cater to multiple cats big and small.
The high wall design is designed to stop litter from being kicked out of the sandbox, the LitterMaid also comes with a anti-trailing ramp which is meant to stop the common problem with litter trailing.
The LM has the capabilities to house at least 1 week worth of litter before needing to be changed, the unit takes disposable trash containers however the Litter Maid provides reusable alternatives for people not looking to spend more on branded containers.
The LitterMaid LM980 handles odor quite well and is reinforced with carbon filters to knock out offensive cat box odors.
Multiple cats = multiple BREEZE boxes. Here's the rule: one system per cat, plus one additional system. (2 cats = 3 litter systems)
Cats need quiet and privacy when using their litter box. Litter boxes should be placed away from appliances or air ducts that could suddenly come on and startle the cat. They also should be placed so that humans and other animals can't "sneak up" on the cat.

The litter box must be easily accessible. Don't place the litter box in "tight-spots" such as under vanity sinks or low tables. Remember, the cat needs to be able to stand and move around comfortably in the litter box. Consider the path the cat will take to reach the litter box. Don't place it so that she has to climb over furniture or other animals to use it. For example, a litter box that is placed near the dog's bed or behind the couch may not get much use.

The Golden Rule is "one litter box per cat, plus one". Problems such as urine spraying can be prevented or reduced by providing multiple litter boxes. Each cat requires a place to eliminate and mark territory. In homes with more than one story, litter boxes must be available on each level of the home. Cats don't like to walk far to get to the nearest litter box. If there are litter boxes on each level of the home, there is less likely to be a problem with laziness. But with having multiple cats comes the task of finding a litter box that can handle the extra Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats - Automatic Litter Box ReviewsPurina Tidy Cats Large Litter Box Liners for Multiple Cats 7 pk ..
Domestic cats evolved as relatively solitary hunters, who spent time in social groups primarily during mating and raising young. As they became domesticated several thousand years ago, they became more accustomed to interacting in groups around preferred food sources such as farms with a plentiful source of rodents attracted to stored grain. Unlike dogs, however, they are not naturally pack type animals, and the presence of other cats is often stressful for cats. Consequently, litter box issues are far more likely to occur in multiple cat households than in single cat households. The more cats present in the household, the more likely litter box issues are to occur. Some research has found that 100% of households with 5 or more cats have had to address litter box problems.Well you can stop searching. We've scratched through the worst to find the best litter box for multiple cats. These are some amazing products....A house with multiple cats can lead to a lot of mess to clean up, particularly if you don’t have the right size litter boxes. A box that isn’t fit for multiple cats can result in kicking and scratching that sends litter over the sides and leaves a mess for you to clean up. Rather than using the small boxes one cat households might use it’s important you research what type of litter boxes are most effective in a house with multiple felines. You need to consider size and depth but also what type of box your cats may prefer.This ranks as the third best litter box for multiple cats and we think its space saving design is the reason why. It’s cleverly designed as a corner box so it can slot in easily without giving up valuable litter space for those of you with lots of furry friends.It contains convenient storage compartments built into the box so you can store your pooper scooper and anything else you might need with ease, we find it is sufficient for a house of at least seven cats and isn’t so deep you need to worry about the younger ones getting stuck. This is the best litter box for multiple cats precisely because it has been designed with that in mind.When searching for automatic litter boxes for your multiple cats ask yourself these questions: Are my cats going to do their business right on that spot that the machine needs them to? Are my cats messy when doing their business? Can the machine handle all the urine my cats will create?