Cat takes a motorcycle ride behind its owner on a Thai street

Watch video: Ryunosuke the cat and his old man go motorcycling together!
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Here the same cat mimics the motorcycle, like the Abyssinian and the Ducati above. Uncanny!
This is a motorcycle made by artist/engineer Lee J Rowland. It has a 1,200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt engine, and custom air intakes and exhaust to match the fiberglass cat body. It's currently for sale, but being able to cruise down the road looking like you're banging a jungle cat comes at a cost -- $567,000. Even while the motorcycle sleeps, two cats lurk, intrigued.what if otabek buys a tiny sidecar for his motorcycle so yurio's cat can go for rides with them1969 Suzuki TC-120 Cat Motorcycle
Macho motorcycle events like the Lowbrow Getdown in Ohio are , especially tiny orange kittens. But that’s exactly what event-goers saw at there in 2015 in the form of Party Cat, and his owner, Pat.Ryunosuke, a family cat from Japan, loves to go motorcycle riding on his human's shoulders. Just 10 seconds into the video (below), I awww with contentment by the close relationship between the old man and his beloved cat. It’s like a grandpa hanging out with his grandson. The smiles on his face when they go on a trip together are infectious. You can’t help but smile along with him too.The video, posted by Nguyen Duy Phuong, shows a man riding a motorcycle down a Hanoi road at night with three cats lounging lazily on the seat behind him.In some cases, disciplined cats can make for excellent passengers on motorcycles. At least on the streets of Hanoi, it seems to be quite a common sight to find a certain man enjoying his motorcycle rides with none other than his many cats as backseat passengers. Using their tails, these furry geniuses seem to be even able to take on the task of balancing on a motorcycle at full city speed.Our shop is located at . That location informs our whole approach in what we do. We are midwestern motorcycle mechanics. We put in the hours. We do the job right. We say anyone can make a bike look good, but making one run well takes skill, experience and just a little bit of art. Heinen's is the twin cities exclusive dealer for TIGE' boats. We stock the full line of YAMAHA, ARCTIC CAT, SUZUKI, and KYMCO. We are now Minnesota's exclusive dealer for ZERO ELECTRIC motorcycles!The owner of these four cats has such a love for his pets that he just cannot leave them at home, whenever he goes for a ride with his motorcycle. Enjoy a glimpse of this unusual companionship in the short video below:Garfield the cat spotted enjoying motorcycle ride with owner
Garfield the cat spotted enjoying motorcycle ride with owner
Garfield the cat spotted enjoying motorcycle ride with owner
Garfield the cat spotted enjoying motorcycle ride with owner
Garfield the cat spotted enjoying motorcycle ride with owner

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