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Modern Cat Trees: The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree in Black on sale for $109.95
Looking to bring a little nature into your modern home? Check out this new line of cat scratchers from Dutch company Royal Woods. These beautiful simplistic cat trees are made with liana wood, a unique natural material that gives them a stunning appearance. There are currently three sizes of cat scratchers, each with a sturdy base [...]
Sebastian Modern Cat Tree (Cat Trees): Finally, a cat tree that looks great in your home
This Passage Steel Cat Tree has a fun children’s furniture look to it. Your cat will love running into the tunnel and playing with the hanging toys. The company makes multiple modules that can be combined to make larger trees and condos. The Refined Feline manufactures modern cat trees that match your homes' decorModern Cat Trees on Hayneedle - Modern Cat Trees For SaleStylishly Modern Design Cat Trees (and Shelves) - My Decorative Tree
is a Brazilian company that’s redefining style for the modern cat. Check out this huge collection of modern cat furniture including beds, hideaways, scratchers, cat trees, and wall climbing systems.Cat furniture used to always involve towers of carpet and unattractive particle board. Those types of cat trees are still available and certainly are functional, but there are other more interesting and attractive options out there. Many modern choices will blend in better with your home decor, and some can double as bookshelves.The collection includes a number of modern cat trees that can be reconfigured to create a customized design for your cat. Most are available in a variety of finishes and carpet colors.RonRon is a Brazilian company that's redefining style for the modern cat. Check out this huge collection of modern cat furniture including beds, hideaways, scratchers, cat trees, and wall climbing systems. There are several styles of perches and hideawaysSomeone pick me up off the floor, I’m completely blown away by these exquisite new cat trees from German design firm Wohnblock! Now this is Moderncat design! From what I can surmise via Google Translate, Wohnblock was created by designer Oliver Kriege with the intention of synthesizing function and aesthetics to make both cats and [...]A quality cat tree is one of the best investments cat owners can make. A cat tree provides your cats with a piece of furniture they can call their own. And that means your luxury sofa will get a reprieve from all the cat abuse. Cat scratchers have come a long way over the past decade. They’re no longer exclusively made of carpet. Modern cat trees are becoming more and more popular. Having a cat tree in your living room doesn’t have to be embarrassing. We’ve reviewed the top-selling modern cat trees on the market and found out which ones will make both you and your kitty happy.Some cat trees look more like modern art, like the . This curvy structure stands six feet tall and has four shelves to climb and nap on. There’s even a little hook at the top inviting you to hang an enticing toy. offers two cat trees with modern appeal. The stands 68 inches, housing four carpeted shelves inside a large oval frame. Kitty can easily jump from shelf to shelf. The smaller is another design that would work well in either a modern or traditional home.