The OHAI Top Entry Litter Cabinet // Mid Century by modernistcat

ModKatThe award winning modern cat litter box that keeps litter in its place.
Kitangle Modern Cat Litter Boxes are coming soon! They will be available online only. Kitangle litter boxes are designed for the pet owner seeking unmatched functionality with style and a modern color palette.
Mid Century Modern Cat House Side Table & Litter Box Cover
Kris decided it was time for a change in her life when one of her animals was aging and having a very difficult time navigating a typical litter box. As she searched for something better for her cat, she could not find something that was satisfactory. This frustration led to inspiration and she began drawing out new ideas for a better, more improved cat litter box. In a matter of several hours, she had created a line of modern litter boxes on paper and soon these ideas were patents. The Kitangle line was born with a purpose to help cats of all ages and pet owners alike. Mid Century Modern Pet Furniture // Cat Litter Box by modernistcat, $449.00Litter Hideaway // Standard Cabinet // Mid Century Modern Pet Furniture // Cat Litter Box Cover // Pet House // Side TableModern Cat Litter Box Cover

Make sure the box is big enough to comfortably accommodate your cat. We’re big fans of the ($21) because its high sides help cut down on litter escaping due to overzealous digging techniques. If you move to another home, this dramatic change in territory will stress your cat, resulting in possible housetraining slip-ups. To minimize this, keep her in one room of the new home for a few days with her food and water dishes on one side and her old litter box on the other. Set up another litter box in an appropriate spot in the home then gradually give her freedom to explore. To make the new territory more comforting, spread her scent by rubbing a soft cloth on her face, and then wiping it onto spots around the new place—carpets, walls, and even in front of the new box. Be sure to spread her toys around, too. Eventually you can locate the old litter box wherever you’d like it, while keeping the second box and moving it somewhere else. It may take time, but eventually she will accommodate to the new digs, and enjoy having that second bathroom! (If possible, it’s always advisable to have two litter boxes for one cat.)
As basic as this sounds, it is often simply a matter of keeping the litter clean, as defined by your cat’s standards. Some cats won’t mind using a litter box with a moderate amount of waste in it, while others won’t go near a box that’s been used even once. If you have gone too long between cleanings, your wayward cat may be trying to tell you to scoop or change the litter out completely. This issue often happens when, for some reason—vacation, working late, illness—you fall behind on your cleaning regimen. To set things right, simply change out the litter and then increase your scooping frequency.We design modern cat furniture that we’d want in our house (Moxie loves his Cat Condo) and that we’d want to use (if we were cats of course). Our Modern Cat Condo gives cats a place to lounge, play and perch —perfect as a vantage point next to your cat’s favorite window. Our Litter Box Hiders provide an attractive place for cats to take care of business privately. Our cat feeders and cat bowl trays give your cat a sensible way to dine in style.TheLui, a Northern German cat label my interior designer Maren does exactly that and has quite aptly named her bathroom furniture BUSINESS. It is modern and capacious and houses a litter tray and provides a fitted mat that is designed to wipe litter off kitty’s feet and keep litter off your carpet. #catsA cat can be a small space dweller's best friend … but a cat's litter box can be a small space dweller's worst nightmare. Tired of ugly litter boxes sitting out in the middle of the room, we decided to get the scoop on stylish, modern litter boxes and enclosures to bring some class to your kitty's dirty business.