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Here’s another stylish option for concealing the litter box that’s neutral enough, and comes in a variety of finishes, to match every decor. It’s the Designer Catboxand it has a simple design that could work equally well with a range of decorating styles, from traditional, to casual, to modern. The hinged top allows for easy [...]
If you use a larger litter box or one of the automatic boxes, then most decorative litter hiders won’t work for you because they are too small. Well, the folks at Modern Cat Designs have something new for you! It’s their new , deigned to accommodate over-sized litter boxes and automatic litter boxes. Large Litter Hider by Modern Cat Designs US $279.00Modern Atomic Retro Ceramic Mod Cat Mid by DesertArtsPottery, $30.00BITOSSI RIMINI BLUE MID-CENTURY MODERN CAT DESIGNED BY ALDO LONGHI
When designing modern cat furniture, Dutch design company clearly considers the cat’s needs as well as aesthetics. Clean lines and smooth white finishes combine with brightly colored carpet inserts for a perfect modern look. All products are designed in The Netherlands and handcrafted in Europe using only the best materials that are safe for cats and humans. There are several exciting products in this welcome addition to the modern cat world.And finally, is a unique wall-mounted cat scratcher that looks like a piece of modern sculpture. I imagine that the corner design would be very attractive to cats, hopefully more enticing than the arm of your sofa!A: Modern Cat Designs is a design and manufacturing team specializing in bringing high value goods to the consumer and business markets. Our offices are located in sunny San Diego, California.The Vesper V-High Lounge is simultaneously futuristic and elegant. Made of poplar, this modern piece of scratching furniture provides your cat with a unique observation deck and resting cave, as well as replaceable sisal scratching mats. $150, There are so many products appearing on the market that integrate functional pet design with beautiful modern aesthetics. Here’s a piece from The Netherlands, The Bloq by . A sleek cube with a soft-close drawer above and a thick padded bed below, The Bloq can be used as a nightstand or side table. This is a great example of a product that seamlessly integrates a cat hideaway with an attractive piece of modern furniture.Modern Cat Designs is creating upscale and functional cat furniture that fits into the modern home. We, like many of our customers had come to the end of the road with conventional carpeted condos. They were functional but never stylish; we saw an opportunity to change the way cat owners think about their furniture while keeping their cats stimulated through design. Our love for functional cat products has propelled us to deliver you and your cat uncompromising usability along with style.Here's a new line of modern cardboard cat furniture from Thailand. Kafbo offers a nice variety of eco-friendly cardboard scratchers, climbers and lounges that would look great in any home. There are two collections, the Home series and the 9Lifers collection. The Home series includes eight modular pieces that can be configured to create any size climbing wall.…There’s tons of cat furniture out there and almost all of it suffers from this same style problem. These are modern times —why should you and your kitty have to compromise with furniture that hasn’t been updated since the 1950’s? We say ditch the carpet! Your inner interior designer will thank you —not to mention your cat!