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Review of the now discontinued Merrick Before Grain Chicken dry cat food..
Looking through Merrick’s dry cat foods, peas are prominent in their Purrfect Bistro and Limited Ingredient Diet recipes. While peas are a good source of vitamins and minerals and can contribute some fiber to the diet, as a plant source of protein, they are not very desirable for your cat. Peas and other legumes (like soy) can also mimic estrogen and interfere with your cat’s endocrine system. For this reason, we decided to review Merrick’s Before Grain Chicken Dry Cat Food instead since it does not use peas or other legumes or lentils that might cause these problems.
Merrick before Grain #1 Chicken Dry cat food Review - Cat Food Advisor
I love this brand of cat food because my cat loves it so much, but this particular flavor was not her favorite. Sometimes she has an upset stomach so my vet recommended purchasing some sort of grain free food and this had great reviews so I decided to give it a go. I originally purchased the chicken flavor Merrick Before Grain bag and she was very vocal in the mornings when I went to feed her – meowing as she would run down the stairs to her food bowl and going right in for the food. However, I then switched it up and purchased this salmon flavor and when she came down the first few mornings, she would sniff the food and just look at me for a few seconds before starting to eat it. She would also eat it a lot slower. Eventually, as she realized that the salmon flavor was there to stay (until I ran out of it), she stopped meowing in the mornings when she came down for food, so I took all of this as a sign that she didn’t particularly care for the flavor (even though she ate it). It had no effect on her digestion however, her stomach has not been upset at all since I swapped to this brand, so no complaints in this regard. I have now switched back to the chicken flavor and she once again screams maniacally while coming down for food and cleans out her bowl in under a few minutes. Review of the now discontinued Merrick Before Grain Chicken dry cat food.11 Items - Merrick Before Grain #1 Chicken Dry Cat Food, 11.1 Pound Bag. Merrick's Limited Ingredient Diet Chicken Recipe canned food review and rating.Available in Tuna, Chicken and Salmon