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are no Meow Mix brand cat food products on the FDA's pet food recall list
Meow MIx-Indoor formula made my cat very sick.
I ran out of the IAMS cat food I normally feed our cat. The only store closest to us was Walgreens. So, I got some Meow Mix-indoor formula. He immediatly got sick. I now feel terrible that I just didn’t go the extra 15 miles to the store to get IAMS. Our cat has NEVER been sick before. Just by looking up on the internet, I found several blogs regarding Meow Mix products that could potentially kill an innocent cat. How long has Del Monte Foods been manufacturing a product where you have been made aware it is unsafe? I want to know what actions are being taken by Del Monte Foods to rectify the issue? I would also like an issue resolution timeline. I will not purchase any Del Monte food brands until this issue is resolved. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Respectfully, Melissa
My two month old snowshoe cat, Max, has recently started eating MeowMix wet cat food and has been having runny orangey diarrhea lately! -__-
I have three cats throwing up after eating Meow Mix. All three were fine before I put this new food out. I was checking for a recall. Something has to be wrong with it. My cats have had it before without a problem so this latest batch has to be bad!!! meow mix cat food recallMy two month old snowshoe cat, Max, has recently started eating MeowMix wet cat food and has been having runny orangey diarrhea lately! -__-Meow Mix Bistro Recipes Grilled Salmon Flavor Dry Cat Food, 3 lb
You do not need to feed $30 bags of food. IAMS, SCIENCE DIET, and a number of others are absolute garbage. Meow Mix is not so great but I would feed that before those other 2. Canned food is better for cats as it has more moisture....cats are not big water drinkers as a rule....getting most of what they need from their diet......this is the catch 22 with feeding them a dry diet.Normally I would not get Meow Mix as I buy 9lives (which is also a Del Monte product), but didn't want to take the time to go to Walmart for a large bag. Fred's didn't have the 9lives so I purchased the Meow Mix. How can so many people, who are getting rich from people like us who care for animals, not care about anything but the money? Their procedures should be to care for a sick pet that is directly related to ingesting their food. We save animals' lives by rescuing and taking care of them. If they're sick, they go to the vet. Unfortunately, I had already taken a dog to the vet with an allergy problem that day and 2 days before, so I didn't have the funds to do so. We dedicate our lives to these animals and don't make a dime off them. People need to take some responsibility for something that is directly their fault.In early December, 2013, Sticky The Kitty became violently ill after eating her first meal from a new bag of Meow Mix Seafood Medley cat food. She vomited 15 times in the span of a few hours, to the point only foam was coming up. Shortly thereafter, her sibling became ill with similar symptoms, but being three times her size, handled it better.

Both cats stopped vomiting after the Meow Mix was removed. Sticky's sibling recovered completely within a few days after stopping Meow Mix. However, Sticky has many food and environmental allergies, and switching foods abruptly has caused a downward spiral with her health that she has not recovered from as of a month later. Meow Mix denies there is a problem, but multiple consumer cat food review sites cite similar symptoms, including severe vomiting, vomiting blood, and even death after consuming Meow Mix, in reviews going back for at LEAST several months.

We want a recall and review of the Meow Mix cat foods so this does not happen to another cat.The Meow Mix cat food brand has not been affected by any FDA-issued recalls to date. However, if you do a little digging, you will find that the Meow Mix brand was involved in an extensive consumer-funded test in 2015. This test was funded with an IndieGoGo campaign and it revealed that 11 out of 12 tested pet food varieties contained bacteria that were considered serious health threats by the FDA – it also revealed that 4 out of 8 brands had medium or high levels of mycotoxins – the Meow Mix Tender Centers recipe was one of these products. In fact, the Meow Mix product was found to have more than three times the high-risk level of mycotoxin content. The Meow Mix Tender Centers Salon & Turkey Flavor dry food was also found to contain various types of bacteria.