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This traditional harness is designed to eliminate pressure on the delicate throat area. Adjustable shoulder straps help to reduce strain on the neck and back. All harnesses come with the unique Lupine 'Even-If-Chewed’ Guarantee® and are machine washable.
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We had purchased 3 harnesses a few years back. They are still working fine but faded. And our fat cat has outgrown hers. So we decided to order 3 new ones and a 4 inch extender for the fat girl. These should last them for the rest of their lives. We searched high and low for a good product and luckily we found Lupine Products. Thumbs up Lupine. Thanks.
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Since Lupine’s first colorful dog collar in 1990, founders Scott, Valerie and Dave have insisted on building the highest quality collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs and cats. Every item is covered by our Made in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA, our pet products draw inspiration from the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you and your pet can count on Lupine collars time and time again.Lupine's sturdy H-style harnesses are perfect for that Cat-About-Town, any kitty who likes to go for a walk but must do so on a lead. Never take a cat for a walk in just a collar!

Lupine webbing is of the highest quality jacquard nylon. Never printed or ribbon overlay and tested for color fastness, you can expect your Lupine webbing to withstand the rigors of time, your washing machine and of course, your cat and still look fabulous year after year! From the thread to the buckles, everything is chosen with durability in mind.

The H-Style harness is recommended for cats because one portion goes around the neck and the other around the body behind the front legs. The loop to the lead attachs on the back, not the neck. This prevents the cat from being strangled, and also prevents him from wriggling out of the collar and getting away. If your cat meansures 20" around, you will need the for comfort and safey

You maintain complete control without any harm to your cat, as with Junior Fluffkins below:Lupine Pet Company rocks! Not only do they have an amazing selection of collars, leashes and harnesses, they truly stand by their promise "Guaranteed Even if Chewed" and more! My Westie chewed her way out of a harness, not once, but twice!!! (Until she was properly trained not to do it :-)) Both times I sent the chewed up harness back to them and, no questions asked, they sent us brand new ones! But that's nothing. This week they had me speechless. I bought Lupine collar for my rescued cat. I honestly don't know what he did, but he must have been trying to get his way out of it and must have been rubbing it against something. The collar was frayed beyond recognition. I completed Lupine EZ return form online and along with picture of the damaged collar on Monday night. On Friday, yes- the same week, we received a brand new collar in the mail. Thank you Beth! In my opinion, that's an outstanding customer service . I also buy their products for my well-behaved greyhound who does not do any chewing or rubbing because I know their products are of great quality and will last a lifetime under normal conditions. Lupine Pet has my business for life!My Ragdolls have never tried to wriggle out of the Lupine Roman harnesses. Before I was aware of the Lupine products, one Rag wore a cat walking jacket, which turned her into a howler monkey who chewed her way out of all three buckles. I agree with Lupine that cats are less likely to escape from the H style, but the level of comfort of the Roman style seems to reduce their inclination to escape from wearing a harness. I won’t buy any other brand.