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You might be giving your kitty too much salt in treat form, even if you use a low-sodium cat food
If you want to give him broth I agree with the poster that said to make your own. Even low sodium broths have a LOT of salt in them (just look at the lable) Also canned broth may have flavorings that are not so good for kitty. In addition to canned food you can also give him the liquid from a can of tuna when you make something with tuna for dinner, my cats love it and give me kisses with fishy breath.
I also like the idea of a pet fountain, more appealing to some cats.
Purina Healthful Life dry cat food has cranberry in it which helps prevent UTI's. If you choose to switch to this food do so slowly by adding a little to his current food increasing the ratio each day. A sudden change in food can cause serious tummy troubles.
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Cats in chronic renal failure can have difficulty eating anything because they may be dealing with secretions of stomach acids. Some of the prescription low protein/low phosphorus/low salt foods can be less appealing to cats than commercial foods, too, which makes it even more difficult to get these cats to eat, so you will need to be very patient and keep trying to get your cat to eat the diet that has been prescribed. Food: Your veterinarian may prescribe a low protein/low salt/low phosphorus diet for your CRF catLow Salt Cat Food‎I was told that there wasn't anything overly specific to do for him food/exercise wise, other than to go for a cat food that has low phosphorus and low salt in it.
I also agree with the comment below that baking soda is NOT the same as calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate would be used to add calcium to the food. The only reason I can think of to add baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the food would be to help counteract an acidic condition in the cat since baking soda is alkaline. 1/8 tsp of baking soda contains 160 mg sodium and 1/8 tsp salt contains 250 mg sodium. Chicken also contains some naturally occurring sodium so it's hard to tell how much sodium would be in each serving. If calcium isn't added to the batch then it seems like it would be lacking in calcium (it also helps helps counteract phosphorus). I would caution anyone thinking of using this recipe to ask their vet about the use of baking soda in it instead of calcium carbonate before they try it on their cat(s).Can you attempt prescription foods that don’t follow your prescription? Non Prescription Low Phosphorus Cat Food is low ash, low phosphorus, and low Mg food. Phosphorus may be the key to the excretory organ it doesn’t have a lot of phosphorus my cat prescribed dislike food; I actually have the cat’s nutrition offers ferrin. Dietary management food, your Dr. Will order low macromolecule low salt phosphorus to the foremost business cat chow company.Kidney disease and renal failure is a complicated disease and one which experts do not always agree on with regard to diet. The low protein/low phosphorus/low salt diet can be effective and helps many cats live longer after they have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. However, these diets tend to be unappetizing and many cats don’t want to eat these prescription foods – a problem which can lead to weight loss and decline. You may want to talk to your veterinarian about a different approach to feeding your cat with chronic renal failure, based on recent research, using a high quality protein diet that produces less waste for the kidneys to eliminate from the body.Salt in your cat food should be listed on the label, although not all labels show you the exact percentages. Look for hidden salt -- anything that has "sodium" in the ingredient name is a type of salt. Ask your vet for low-sodium recommendations if you can't find the salt percentages listed on the labels. Check your treat labels, too. You might be giving your kitty too much salt in treat form, even if you use a low-sodium cat food. If you give your furry friend treats from your plate as well, he could be getting even more salt.