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If your cat requires more fluids in its body, the wet prescription would be a good choice. The smell of this food has also been designed to be palatable for cats. The protein and phosphorus levels are low to promote healthy digestion.
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Hi Janice,
Best advice I can give you is to go over to . Many vets are ignorant about proper cat nutrition unfortunately. The website is dedicated to proper cat nutrition and written by a vet who has done in depth research on cat nutrition. There is a cat food composition chart on the website as well which will help you find high protein/low carb cat food. It was referenced in the article above as well. It appears your cat is getting too much fish and the diet is not complete with proper nutrients for a cat. Wet cat food is high in moisture and helps to flush out their system. I have had cats my entire life and they are all on a high protein (meat protein not plant/vegetable protein)/ low carbohydrate diet. I feed almost no fish and limit the amount of beef as well. Most dry food is high is carbs, calories, low moisture content and has terrible ingredients. Reference this dry food comparison chart: . The chart is updated with new foods all the time. If I feed any dry I feed EVO but my cats eat mostly wet food. Rad Cat makes a good raw cat food as well that we include in the rotation. Hope this helps. Let me know if you want any additional help. I firmly believe once your cat is on the correct diet all problems will resolve themselves. Wet Cat Foods - Low Phosphorous & Restricted ProteinLow-Phosphorus & Restricted Protein Wet Cat FoodsLow Carb High Protein: Low Carb High Protein Wet Cat Food
Again, the best canned cat foods are high in protein and low in grain, chemicals, sugars, and fillers. A great affordable canned cat food that is also grain-free is Sheba pate. Trader Joe's Premium Canned Cat Food , Merrick, Eukanuba, Nutro Natural Choice, and Wellness are also great cat food brands for their grain-free/high protein content. A balanced diet of both wet and dry food can be the most cost-effective option for many cat owners…and also adds variety to your cat’s meal time.no3113 what kind of what wet food do you feed your cats? my cat is 7 years old and took a senior panel and has high kidney values. i was told to feed him Hills prescription diet renal function dry and wet. i called hills and they advised me that the corn they use is GMO. I was told if i feed my cat low protein and low phosphorus food that will help him. Do you know of any wet food that may help him?? thank you! Jenn.A low-carbohydrate, high protein, wet diet has been associated with remission (disappearance of symptoms) of diabetes in cats. You can feed your cat a raw or cooked diet that you make yourself or there are many excellent high protein canned foods available. As a cost-conscious compromise, you can feed readily available low-cost canned foods, such as certain varieties of Fancy Feast.Blue Wilderness wet cat food is sold as a grain free, high protein wet cat food. Its main advantage over other products is that it doesn’t contain meat byproducts which you often find in canned food as manufacturers try to bulk up the product with less nutritious ingredients. Nevertheless, Its protein content is actually lower in percentage terms than the Wellness Core range described above.The best wet cat food for urinary health should be protein rich, low or no carbohydrates or other ‘additives’ such as fruit or vegetables. It should be low in magnesium, and ‘ash’ (otherwise known as mineral content) and high in water content.Wysong Geriatrix dry food- I add a bit of warm water and he gobbles it up
Natures balance, reduced calorie and limited ingredient foods are great options. My cat loves the green pea and venison.
Spots Stew cans, very low in protein with great ingredients
Innova’s reduce calorie food wet and dry
Wellness is fabulous, they have a new canned formula out Cat Cuts that I am looking into. I cannot give my cat their dry food however because the protein content is very high. I am still awaiting confirmed phosphorus levels on all their foods.