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Preservatives are not needed in canned foods since canning is itself a preserving procedures. Dry food manufacturers need to ensure that dry foods have a long shelf life (typically 12 to 18 months) to remain edible through shipping and storage, fats used in pet foods are preserved with either synthetic or “natural” preservatives. Synthetic preservatives include butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol (also used as a less-toxic version of automotive antifreeze), and ethoxyquin. For these antioxidants, there is little information documenting their toxicity, safety, interactions, or chronic use in pet foods that may be eaten every day for the life of the animal. Propylene glycol, which is what keeps semi-moist food and “bits” soft and chewy, is banned in cat food because it causes anemia in cats, but it is still allowed in dog food.
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Indeed, the first five ingredients on Friskies' Seafood Sensations include ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, poultry byproduct meal, meat and bone meal, and animal fat. Although the minimum crude protein hits 30 percent, none of the protein comes from real muscle meat and the formula is heavy on carbohydrates. The guaranteed analysis pegs the minimum crude fat at 12 percent, maximum crude fiber at 4.5 percent, and maximum moisture at 12 percent. In addition to the Seafood Sensations and Surfin' & Turfin' Favorites, Friskies offers Indoor Delights and Grillers' Blend dry cat foods. Lotus Low-Fat Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food | Pet Food DirectInnova Cat Low Fat Dry Food 15# | Natural Feed StoreLotus Low-Fat Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food | Pet 360
Okay, so just for kicks, let's look at the nutritional breakdown of a mouse carcass--something that is akin to the food that oh-so-wise Mother Nature intended for carnivores. A mouse carcass is about three percent carbohydrate. Dry cat food? It has between 35 and 50 percent carbohydrates. And what happens if you feed a cat more carbohydrates than she was anatomically designed to eat? Dietary carbohydrate that is not used for energy is stored as fat. It doesn't take a degree in nutrition to figure out that if you put an obligate carnivore on a high-carbohydrate diet, she is going to become obese more easily than a cat on a low-carbohydrate diet.Dry food contains 6 to 10 percent moisture. Depending on the specific formulation, meats or meat byproducts, poultry or poultry byproducts, grain, grain byproducts, fish meal, fiber sources, milk products, and vitamin and mineral supplements are combined, extruded, and dried into bitesized pieces. The pieces are then covered with flavor enhancers, such as animal fat, which give them increased palatability. The primary advantages of dry cat food are lower cost and convenience in allowing "free choice" feeding. However, dry food may be less palatable to a cat, and, depending on the types and quality of the ingredients, may also be less digestible than moist food. If you do use dry food, it is important to store unused portions in a cool, dry location, and not to use the food after its expiration date (which is printed on the container). Often owners buy large amounts of dry food that can sometimes last for 3 to 6 months; therefore, checking the expiration date before feeding it to your cat is very important. Lengthy storage decreases the activity and potency of many vitamins and increases the likelihood that fats have become rancid. Storing dry cat food in an airtight container can help prevent nutrient deterioration and help maintain palatability. The Instinct line of cat food products includes one dry food formula for healthy weight. This formula is both grain-free and gluten-free, designed to satisfy your cat’s hunger and cravings for natural flavor while also helping him to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. This healthy weight formula features chicken meal and fresh chicken as the main protein sources followed by digestible carbohydrates like chickpeas and peas. This formula contains 17% less fat than the standard Instinct Raw Boost adult formula, plus it has plenty of natural fibers to keep your cat feeling full for longer. As an added bonus, this formula is supplemented with chelated minerals for maximum absorption as well as dried fermentation products for healthy digestion. There are also plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of vitamins and minerals.The low-carb dry foods are very high in fat and therefore are very calorie dense. These foods must be portion-controlled otherwise, your cat may end up gaining weight. Note that dry Innova EVO has 612 calories per cup. One quarter of a cup contains 153 calories so be very careful to pay attention to how much of these high calorie dry foods you feed.