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"She settled in now and is as happy as can be! She is bright, active, actually extremely active, curious, and just loves to play! She tries to engage the other six cats, and even plays with our rescue bunnies," Carla told Love Meow.

More than three years had passed, but no one had shown interest in adopting Chloe. "While we were doing an Instagram Live (@) at highlighting all the cats they have available for adoption, someone watching asked how long the longest resident has been there for," Nikki Martinez told Love Meow. Love Meow is where you find inspiring and beautiful stories about cats, rescues and fosters from all over the world.Only registered user can read or download Meow: I Love Cats book. Please register to get access to this book, don't worry this is free.
"The staff have been busy doing the decorating in order to help show the cats off a bit more and give more information about them," RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre told Love Meow. He saved all his cats from the streets and brought them back to health. "I have nine cats now. All my cats are from the streets who I found injured and I helped them for all their treatment," Duman told Love Meow. Having a bad day? Want something to cheer you up? Cats can help smooth away negative emotions that keep you unhappy. Their cute little face can light up your day and bring smiles to your face. Who could resist their lovely, adorable meows? Here are a few videos may just do the trick to help bring sunshine to your day:After picking them up and getting them home, they realized just how close these two feline sisters were. "They were absolutely inseparable. I have never seen cats that were bonded like that before," Kellie told Love Meow. "This is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. When I saw him in medical at Baldwin park shelter he stole my heart," Elaine shares with Love Meow.
"We have worked with her in the past to help with other cats. She said he's very sweet but a bit defensive from his time on the streets," the rescue told Love Meow."Someone found him in a tree hiding from other cats that were beating him up," Happy Homes Animal Rescue told Love Meow. "He was abandoned and was out for long enough for this coat to get totally matted down to the skin.""Most people don't spay or neuter their barn cats, and so many don't want to have any females, because they don't want to have to deal with kittens. I honestly don't know what happens to most females, but it's not good," Carla told Love Meow.
"We already have two adopted cats, two cats that I found in a similar fashion in the back lot of the dealership I work at, and two adopted Boxers," Will told Love Meow.