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The Houston Co-op is located in the Uptown Park shopping center, right next to the Galleria downtown. If you're lucky you'll find Houston Longhorn greats like Rodger Clemens shopping around the store. Stop in to get a little feeling of Austin so you can remember those days on campus. Every May, we partner with the Houston Texas Exes to help host the The Lone Star Stampede! The race starts right in front of the store.
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“Having a store location in San Antonio is awesome because we are only about an hour and a half away from Austin. This makes the store a great stop for people traveling North on 281 to the game. We get a chance to meet new Longhorns all the time! My favorite store memory is having the Longhorn band come and perform during Fiesta. The band members families and friends get to see them perform and at a lot closer range than the field. What makes our store awesome is the returning, devoted, die hard clientele and of course my staff. I feel I have the best staff to serve the SA community!” Longhorn Steakhouse in Illinois Store LocatorComplete Longhorn Steakhouse in Illinois Store LocatorLonghorn Steakhouse in Maine Store Locator
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Largest shopping mall with Longhorn Steakhouse store: We do our best to serve our Longhorn fans across all major cities in Texas. We currently have store locations in Austin, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. We also have a Plano location set to open in early June! Here’s a breakdown of each Co-op location!Longhorn Steakhouse store locator Puerto Rico displays complete list and huge database of Longhorn Steakhouse stores, factory stores, shops and boutiques in Puerto Rico. Longhorn Steakhouse information: map of Puerto Rico, shopping hours, contact information.Austin is where it all started! Since 1896, we've been serving the University of Texas community. Our main location is located directly across campus on the Drag. It’s the perfect place to shop for Burnt Orange Longhorn gear before Game Day or any other Austin event. This location has the most extensive Burnt Orange collection + tons of State of Texas or Austin souvenirs. Want to impress your out of town guests with Longhorn pride? Visit the Main Store to see our Texas-sized collection of burnt orange. It's a great stop for tourists - close to the capitol and campus, and we've got tons of Austin souvenirs! Be sure to check out the Texas Longhorn photo opps around the store.