Long-haired Cats Grooming Guidelines

Cats with long hair tend to develop oily coats because the length makes it difficult to groom.
Brushing. If your cat's fur isn't too tangled just give her coat a good brush. This shouldn't take longer than five to 15 minutes. Most cats love to be brushed, but if yours doesn't, let her go and try again later. Longhaired cats' fur sometimes gets matted. If you notice tangled masses of knotted hair in your cat's coat, you'll need to make time for some careful, patient brushing. Holding on to the fur just below the knot while you brush will prevent the hair from pulling. If your cat's coat is really unmanageable, you could consider professional grooming. Also consider finding the .

Bath time. Shorthaired cats do not need to be bathed, unless they are very dirty or have allergies. But for longhaired breeds, the occasional bath will help keep her coat in good condition and prevent a build up of grease. Your vet will be happy to advise you how to bath your cat and will recommend a special cat shampoo.
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How to take care of your long haired maine coon - wikihow, How to take care of your long haired maine coon. maine coons are one of the oldest breeds of cat in the united states. they are a popular cat due to their gentle. Pet grooming: how to handle matting in dogs and cats | petmd, Circoviruses are small viruses that can affect our canine companions. learn more about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of this mysterious illness. there are some. 4 ways to prevent matted cat hair - wikihow, How to prevent matted cat hair. no matter what length your cat's coat, it can be prone to matting or become choked up with shed hair. matting is uncomfortable for the. A. Absolutely, short haired cats need less intense grooming than long haired cats.Long-haired Cats Grooming GuidelinesLong-haired Cats Grooming Guidelines
Cat owners tend to think of their cats as fairly self-sufficient. Cats enjoy a lot of alone time, they groom themselves and they teach themselves to use their litter box. However, if your cat has long hair, they will require your help with regular grooming. Long-haired cats can become matted easily, leading to painful sores and infections. They are also more prone to problems from digesting hair.It is essential to invest the right brushes for your cat’s long hair. A bristle brush will distribute the natural oils on your cat’s skin which helps keep their coat shiny as well as remove loose hair. The fine wire bristles of a slicker brush are very helpful for long-haired cats. They can remove any tangles in the topcoat and loose hair from the undercoat which contributes to matting. A long tooth shedder brush will also work well on a long coat or cat that sheds more. Pet wipes are also helpful to keep their coat clean between grooming sessions and bathing.You watch your cat groom itself all day it seems, especially if it has long hair. All cats need some grooming to keep their coats in good shape. Long-haired cats may need some help to remove extra hair, dander and tangles. Here are a few useful tools and reasons why good grooming is essential to your cat’s good health. This styleis 1/2 Lion & 1/2 Tiger. This style leaves a Lion head & mane on a Tiger body (The Tiger Cut is the same length all over). The body is groomed evenly all over including the paws & tail,while leaving a pronounced natural mane.. A great style for long haired cats with 2 distinct lengths of hair. Also a great alternative Lion Cut for the Winter months. Tail style optional (Tiger, Lionor Natural) Many people are drawn to because of their long fluffy (or "floofy", check out local icon, !) fur which begs for them to be pet and cuddled. Some people overlook the importance of assisting long haired cats with their grooming duties and proactively avoiding matted fur.Cat bathing is also an important factor in your cats health and coat maintenance. Cat Connection recommends bathing for short-haired cats at least 2 times a year and bathing for medium/long-haired cats at least 4 times a year. Most cats do not like to be bathed and that is why we are here. Our groomers work with cats only and do not use restraints or complete sedation.