So long, litter box: These cats are potty-trained

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While most wood options for cat litter box furniture are made from pressboard, this is a solid pine box made of 3/4 inch thick boards. When it comes to you, it will be pre-built and ready to go. The finish they apply to the pine is both odor and moisture resistant. The back panel are two solid doors that open fully for easy access. While there’s no place to keep the scoop and litter on this one, it’s still a very handsome piece that will easily hide your cat box. The exterior dimensions are 22.5 inches long by 17.3 inches wide by 17.7 inches high; interior dimensions are 20.8 inches long by 15.7 inches wide by 16.1 inches tall. Again, the should do the job here.
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They should not be expect to remember that their bathroom is ‘down the hall…second door on the right.’ When a kitten has to go….he has to go now and they often will not hold it while they go and search for their litter box. Please remember that human children take a long time to potty train and be thankful that kittens are much easier to train! However, even though kittens are much better than human babies when it comes to being litter box trained, don’t push your luck and stress the kitten by allowing him access to a large environment without his litter box very close by and easily accessible. Otherwise, you will end up fostering very bad habits in the kitten if he gets used to urinating and defecating in areas other than his litter box.
1. A big box: Measure your cat from nose to rump and multiply by 1.5. The box should be at least that long (about 30 inches long is a good size). This allows room for maneuvering and there is a much greater chance of a clean spot to use. Many retail litter boxes are too small-look for a "mortar tub" at your home improvement store, or use a large storage box with low sides. But now, there is an actual giant sized litter box available. It's almost three feet long! The measures 34.7 x 19.8 x 10 inches, giving plenty of room for very large cats to turn around and, most importantly, being large enough so that the cat does not wind up with his back end hanging over the edge of the box while eliminating. One of the wide sides curves down making an approximate 7 inch high "entryway" that a tall, large breed cat can step over easily . The box is high enough to keep litter in when a cat gets energetic with digging in the litter. We checked at a pet store. Most litter boxes were close to 20 inches in length. Guess what, it’s not enough. And even a one box that wore a slogan “mega” was just 24 inches long, it is still not enough, but, might be good enough for most cats.Our friends over at (our favorite book about solving litterbox issues) point out that a of , backed up by some research, believe that longhaired cats have more litterbox trouble than just about every other breed. If you find that your longhaired cat is peeing and/or pooping outside the litterbox, perhaps some of the following tips might help.If you have a longhaired cat, such as a Persian, Turkish Angora, or Himalayan, you may have noticed that your extra furry cats sometimes has litterbox challenges.You may also want to try a non-clumping litter specially blended for your longhaired cat. Non-clumping litter, in conjunction with proper paw care maintenance, further reduces the odds of a wet clump attaching itself to your cat’s feet. recommends , which has a silica gel that won’t adhere to toe tufts, and also contains an herbal attractant to make the litterbox a more inviting place.