A typical way of rigging a live blue gill for catfish

5,000 Live Channel Catfish 50% male 50% female these are the ones that grow fast.
In the film, the husband of the "catfish", Vince, relays a story of how when live were shipped to Asia from North America, the fish's inactivity in their tanks resulted in only mushy flesh reaching the destination. However, fishermen found that putting in the tanks with the cod kept them active, and thus ensured the quality of the fish. Vince made an analogy of how there are people in everyone's lives who keep each other active, always on their toes and always thinking, suggesting that people should always be alert while socializing through the internet.
Catfish, like most creatures, are products of what they eat and where they live.
XD obviously they are they are they produce fish And yeah if your going after monster 30+ pounders bigger baits work but I have caught 80+ catfish in 2 months with liver all pretty big biggest one 22 and 30 pounds This is a how to video. How we bait up with live and cut bait for fishing catfish, pike, ect.1,042 people have seen Catfish and the Bottlemen live.Chicken livers are the most overhyped and over rated catfish bait ever!
Imperial Catfish is the largest producers of channel catfish and blue catfish in California. In fact, Imperial Catfish is the only major supplier of blue catfish in California. Our Farm is now nearly, with our recent expansion. We supply "SILVER" channel catfish and blue catfish year round to the Asian food markets throughout Southern California, and also supply many of the recreational fishing lakes in Southern California during the summer catfish season. In these food and fish markets, you will see our catfish on display in live fish tanks where they are individually selected by the customer for dinner that evening. You can't get catfish fresher or better tasting than that. FISHING TIPS: Being a bottom feeder, catfish are often caught on nightcrawlers, chicken livers, sunfish, fathead minnows and golden shiners. They feed most actively at night and in the early morning. Everyday we harvest catfish and stretch a seine or long net at one end of the catfish pond which is slowly pulled with tractors to the other end. The seine or net is weighted on the bottom and the net holes are about 2 1/2 inches wide. Any catfish that is under 2 or 2 1/2 pounds will pass through the net and go back onto the pond avoiding the corral which is formed at the other end of the pond. When larger or smaller fish are requested, we will use nets with either larger or smaller holes to retain that size fish. Each fish is then hand sorted for exact size and superior quality and then held in for the morning deliveries. If you are a buyer of catfish for recreational fishing lakes and would like a competitive quote for live delivered catfish to your facility please contact us at the numbers below and we will be happy to provide you with the finest catfish available. Our catfish are delivered to the Southern California food markets and restaurants by our Each morning at about 5:30 am, they arrive at the Farm and we load their trucks with lively fresh catfish. If you are a fish market, a supermarket, or a restaurant fish buyer and would like to provide your customers with the finest catfish available, our would be happy to deliver our catfish to you. Their contact information is available by clicking. , our team's General Manager, began growing catfish over 35 years ago and previously owned F& F Fish Farm, a very successful catfish farm. Dennis is a hands on General Manager and is considered to be one of the best in his field. Dennis is the past President of CAA and currently an active Board Member, and has been involved with CAA for years to better the industry. Prior to becoming the Imperial Catfish General Manager, Dennis worked at KENT SEATECH CORP., for many years as their Senior Fish Culturist. Mike and Danny, our Managers from our St. Anthony's Fish Farm have been in the aquaculture business nearly all their lives and are regarded as two of the best hatchery and fingerling experts around. Mike is also one of our main delivery drivers and he also helps operate our heavy equipment. Danny is our main heavy equipment operator and is the best catfish pond builder in the business. Currently, Danny and Mike are hard at work building our 12 new catfish ponds. , is the Imperial Catfish Farm Manager. He has worked on the Farm for many years and is responsible for much of our past success. Arturo holds degrees in Oceanography and has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of aquaculture. We call Arturo our efficiency and production expert. He is responsible for monitoring all of our fish inventory, which is a difficult job to do. Our accomplished team is fully self-sufficient and is responsible for making Imperial Catfish, probably the largest producer of channel catfish in California this year!!

Our Farms produce millions of live catfish each year for the wholesale live food markets, recreational fishing lakes, and fingerling sales. Our primary stock is the "Silver" Channel Catfish or "Super Cats". We also have a growing supply of Blue Catfish. Pick-up and Delivery is available. Demand is high for our "Silver" catfish and each year we sell all of the catfish we can produce. Now, demand for our catfish is even greater because many of the long time catfish producers in the area have either gone out of business or have sold out to other entities that no longer grow catfish as their primary source of business. If you are one of our existing customers, our goal is to produce enough of catfish to be able to adequately supply all of your needs and with our recent expansion, it look like we should be able to meet that goal.