Best Automatic Cat Litter Box: Cat Box Spinner Review and More

Bling out your cat's Litter Spinner Litter Box
This would be a dream since I wouldn’t be stepping on litter sprinkled outside the box every day. I swear my cat kicks some out every day intentionally because she knows it annoys me. Not sure I could convince her to get in the Little Spinner though.
Litter Spinner Automatic Cat Litter Box
Customers mention that the Litter Spinner litter box is rather small even for an average sized cat but it could be used with no problem for cats that do their “business” with the head outside the litter box. Young cats that can adapt better to this litter box’s system than older cats. With the Litter Spinnercat litter box:Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Litter Spinner Automatic Cat Litter BoxLitter Spinner Automatic Cat Litter Box
In all my experience blogging, I never thought I would be someone to sit down and tell you that you need to buy a $99 cat litter box…but here I am, getting ready to post my Litter Spinner review for you all!So, Tarzan and Gizmo give the Litter Spinner two paws up, but they refused to let me catch them with the camera getting into or out of the litter box.A new spin on a cat litter box? The Litter Spinner is ideal for special needs cat guardians and one lucky reader will win one (valued at $99.00). Before we say more, we have winners to announce for our past two giveaways. The winner of catnip toys from is Laila & Minchie. The winner of a is Caren Osrin Gittleman, who chose the tie-dye purple fabric. Congratulations to our winners. Look for an email from Layla.Finally, the perfect cat litter box for you and your cat. Designed and developed by a cat lover. Litter Spinner is a new, unique and revolutionary cat litter box that solves pet owner's most annoying cat box problems while providing your treasured pet with a clean, safe, comfortable, and private place.Now, as an owner of multiple cats, I have to say that I do really like the Litter Spinner litter box. However, it does not live up to 100% of my expectations, based on the description on the Litter Spinner website.Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box, Black Litter Spinner. Enclosed, stationary, attach a small handle on the outside and you could clean it with no issues.The Litter Spinner is easy to use: simply fill the bottom of your litter spinner with 2 1/2" - 3" of your favorite clumping cat litter. When you want to clean your new Litter Spinner just spin one turn, your dirty cat litter is now clean. Cat waste is collected into an easy to empty drawer. No more scooping, no more costly replacement containers, no more handling of messy cat litter. It really is that easy. Since it only takes seconds you can clean your cat's litter box as often as you desire by simply rotating it. Your beloved cat will have a fresh, clean, ready to use litter box. The Litter Spinner is so simple that you will be amazed how easy cleaning your cat's litter box has become.This litter box is a bit similar to the popular Litter Robot. It’s really ideal for the smaller cats due to its size and the fact that it only allows a few inches of litter inside (too deep and it’s hard to spin). Those with bigger cats should look elsewhere given its limitations.