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Many people have questions about how to litter box train there cat. The great news is cats usually come litter box trained along as you don't already have a trouble maker.

However, if you are just bringing a new cat into your home it is always best to hope for the best and assume the worst. In this case whenever you are not watching the cat confine him or her in a nice room that is, it's okay if they soil, like a bathroom is a common place. It is easy to use a small place because you can easily cat proof it until you know what that cats personality is. Now when you put that litter box out make sure you have enough litter in that pan, at least two or three inches deep is a good way to go, Keep in mind research shows us that most cats prefer unscented lump and clay litter and other cats may have different preferences. If you find your cat isn't using the box try alternating the box with the litter itself and see if that will help your cat be interested.

If you run into troubles it is always a good idea to give your cat a treat just as he or she is coming out of the box so that way you can associate going to the bathroom in the box with something special. Remember sometimes use the box as a place to catch the cat for all sorts of things that the cats don't like. Taking pills etc, if you are bringing a new cat home you might have to undo all that work that was done before they came to you. And that's how you work on litter box training your cat.
Once you have your new cat, you will need to train her to use the litter box.
Sometimes retraining to overcome litter-box fears or aversions may not be necessary. Here are some steps that you can try to help your cat learn new pleasant associations: How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box Feed My"Cat Litter Training." Vet Info. (March 16, 2011).How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box Feed My
Until your cat is reliably house trained, she should not have free run of your home. If your cat continually makes mistakes, the behavior can simply become a habit. Punishing a cat after the fact teaches her to be afraid of you. Scolding and then taking the cat to her litter box after she has already eliminated teaches her to associate the litter box with punishment. Basically, punishment doesn't work with cats: prevention and praise for getting it right are the keys to training.

When you leave the house for any length of time, your cat should be confined to a single room, preferably one with non-porous floors, such as a kitchen, bathroom, utility room, basement or garage. Provide your cat with a bowl of water and a warm place to sleep at one end of the room and a freshly cleaned litter box at the other end. Until the house soiling has been cured, your cat should have a regular feeding schedule so she will develop a corresponding elimination schedule.In this article, we shall discuss how to effectively train an adult cat to use a litter box. In other words, it is about litter box training for adult cats.Cats have become a bundle of joy in human life. They cannot be ignored. People are ready to adopt even the neglected and abandoned cats irrespective of how old they are. They train the cats to use litter box. The kittens learn it quite easily, while adult cats don’t adopt it easily.Hi Jim. Thank you very much for your question. An adult cat that has never been litter box trained can be a little confused when he sees a box. What we can do is start training him to use it, slowly but surely.It’s a normal and routine process you’ll have to follow to train adult cats to use a litter box. The rules are no different. The only difference is the time. Adult cat owner has to spend extra time to potty train a cat. Please check guide right hereA common misconception is that rabbits are dirty animals. But rabbits make wonderful indoor companions in part because they can be litter box trained, just like cats! Follow these steps to litter train your rabbit.