Sterling's cute cat haircut "lion's cut"

My Persian cat, Oompa Loompa, after his lion's head haircut. He wasn't very happy about it.
The most quietest and the most humble Cat I've seen and known except while he was getting his 1st haircut "lions cut".

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I love a lion cut on a long haired cat.... so darn cute! ;-D
~ This LionCut does not have any separation between the mane & the front legs. The mane is one solid unit in the front. This style is ideal for ornery cats who do not like their front legs touched. The maneis more pronounced & the look is more natural looking. The body can be a shave or a shag. Shuji our cat model is displaying a shag on his body which allows for a short length of hair on the bodymuch like a Tiger cut. Tail style optional Haircuts,Cat Grooming,Gonna,Lion,Awesome,Smile,Pictures,KittySterling's cute cat haircut "lion's cut"Hair Cuts,Cat Grooming,Cat Hair,Gonna,Lion,Awesome,Smile,Furry,Pets
~ This style is 1/2 Tiger & 1/2Lion. This style leaves a Tiger head on a Lion pattern body. There is no mane and the head is purrfectly manicured round. The body is like a standard Lion Cut,"The Main Lion", with "boots" left onthe legs & a Lion tail. Purrfect for short haired cats too.Advanced haircuts are always performed by CFMG certified master stylists and are limited only by your imagination. Maybe you want a shorter cut, but don’t like the extreme look of a lion trim… or maybe your older cat has super thin skin that won’t tolerate a shave-down. Whatever your desire, we can probably accommodate it. This styleis 1/2 Lion & 1/2 Tiger. This style leaves a Lion head & mane on a Tiger body (The Tiger Cut is the same length all over). The body is groomed evenly all over including the paws & tail,while leaving a pronounced natural mane.. A great style for long haired cats with 2 distinct lengths of hair. Also a great alternative Lion Cut for the Winter months. Tail style optional (Tiger, Lionor Natural) Here is what a cat looks like when the vet gives him a Lion Cut cat haircut. If your vet says they will give you cat a lion cut haircut, watch this video before you agree to it. I think it looks pretty silly, but the cat likes it. Just make sure you give you cat a lion cut haircut when the weather is warm. It removes all of his feline insulation.The lion cut is among the most popular haircuts around. It involves trimming all of your cat’s fur except for what’s on her head, neck, feet, and tail. Not only will she look more lion-esque, but it can keep her cooler if you live in a hot climate as well.“I just dropped Holly and Safari off to get their lion haircuts,” she on Thursday to her Twitter friend, @BoMartini. “Get ready for your phone to be filled with even more cat pics.” Cat Haircut

-- Shave or lion trim $65
(Bathing your cat is not always necessary. There will be a $10 charge if you want a bath in addition to the haircut) On average it can take 3 months for a short hair cat to regrow to full length. On a long hair cat it can take 4 to 6 months to regrow to a full coat. There is no reason, provided a cats skin is healthy and its temperament is suitable that a lion cut can not be done more frequent, if the owner wants this.