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To get started, buy a harness made especially for cats. Never use a break-away collar -- designed specifically to break free if a cat's collar gets snagged on something -- with a leash. Cats can easily slip out of collars, so a harness is a must for strolling with Kitty. This will fit around her shoulders and girth, and will be gentler on the cat's neck than a collar being tugged by a leash. These harnesses are available in many styles. More elaborate, padded versions, sometimes called walking jackets, holsters or vests, resemble life jackets, but all are designed for the cat's security and comfort. Measure for a snug, but not tight, fit that barely lets you slip a finger between the cat and harness. A retractable leash that you can extend or shorten by clicking a button offers a range of motion for Kitty and peace of mind for you.
Bringing your pooch along for some fun on the water? Safety first—all doggie life jackets are 20% off for a limited time at Reigning Cats & Dogs!
And, like they say, the rest is history. The — named Bolt (after a piece of rock climbing gear and the lightening-shaped pattern on his tail) and Keel (for the sailboat part) — are regular adventurers, joining their owners on excursions over both land and sea. The cats have their own rain jackets, life jackets, scarves and pannier bags — and an that rivals some professional athletes’. While the USCG does not certify personal flotation devices for animals, many manufacturers produce life jackets for dogs and cats.It seems like you have a lot of experience regarding life jackets for cats and I would love to know your opinions about the “normal” one and the Critters inflatable.Marucat Functional cats Adjustable Lifejackets Dogs Safety Clothes Flotation Float Life Jacket for Small Medium Large Dogs >> Tried it! Love it! Click the image.
This is an outstanding product for the safety of your pet while out on the water. This is a one of a kind , by Critter's Inflatable® is the worlds first and only fully automatic inflatable pet life jacket for your companion animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and any other four legged animal within the three size ranges shown above). Additionally, when needed, this automatic feature can be changed so that you may orally inflate this pet life jacket. There are other life jackets on the market but this one keeps your pets head above the water when they are tired or unconscious.Paws Aboard Life Jacket and Designer Life Jackets Keep Pets Safe on the WaterProvide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water. Designed for dogs, but can also be used for cats. Constructed to provide buoyancy, along with a cozy, secure fit.You have life preservers for everybody else aboard, right? Why not for your cats? These neoprene pet life vests from Paws Aboard provide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water. Constructed to provide buoyancy, along with a cozy secure fit, the Paws Aboard Pet Life Jackets feature an advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying, which provides for more comfort and healthier conditions than traditional pet life jackets, which can cause heat exhaustion and chafing.

Other features include:Unlike the design for human life jackets that wrap around the neck and waist, pet life vests primarily support the torso. Both cats and dogs have long horizontal spines that would weigh them down heavily if it were not given the proper support. Because the pet’s swimming legs are under the spine, it is important to keep the dog or cat’s back stable and afloat, so pet life vests wrap both around a dog’s neck and across the entire back area. This provide buoyancy for the thickest part of the animal’s body, while freeing up his legs to paddle about without restriction.Did you know there are life jackets designed specifically for cats? If your Orange Tabby is just learning how to swim then you may want to purchase a cat style life jacket. The life jacket can be used as a tool to help your cat learn to swim as well as used as a tool to keep your cat safe when around water. Life jackets for cats are typically sold at pet stores and water sporting goods stores. Depending on where you live or where you take your boat out, there may be a law in place that states your Orange Tabby must be in a life jacket to ride in a boat. Call your vet to find out if he knows the rules for your particular region. There are a variety of life jacket options available for Orange Tabby cats. Talk with your veterinarian Mt. Pleasant, SC to .The perfect and ideal life jacket should fit your dog or cat perfectly. The good news is that’s exactly what the Paws Aboard Dog/Cat Life Preserver does. It is versatile and ideal for both cats and dogs. The fact that it is made of red neoprene means it is highly visible and durable. In addition to this, Paws Aboard has included reflective strips for improved visibility. Also, there is the cloth handle on the back of the life jacket as well as adjustable nylon straps to ensure a snug fit.