Today, my sister told me that cats and leather furniture do not mix

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Cats love couches. They love to sleep on them, shed on them, and scratch them. Before my husband and I brought our girl Ghost Cat home from the shelter, we didn’t really give a lot of thought to how she could damage our living room seating. Our couch was a tiny, cheap, red-pleather panic buy that we’d picked up when our old hand-me-down hide-a-bed wouldn’t fit into a basement apartment. By the time we adopted Ghost Cat, we were high above-ground in an apartment that could have handled a full-size couch, but we hadn’t bothered to upgrade to grown-up furniture. It was a darn good thing we hadn’t.
I am in need of a new couch and would like to get a leather couch. I was wondering if cats seem to want to scratch leather furniture?
Cover up the Sofa or Chair - One way to prevent damage to your leather furniture from a cat is to cover it up. The cover must be fairly thick so the cat's claws will not penetrate the leather underneath. Furthermore, it must be tight fitting so it won't be pulled off by kitty's claws. You can remove the cover for company and replace it when you're not around to keep an eye on things. So, anybody here have cats and leather furniture? How is the furniture holding up? Should we buy leather or stick with micro fiber?Cats and Leather Furniture Question, Please - GardenWebWe have 4 cats and leather furniture
On the other hand, even if they don't like to scratch on it, they'll probably do stuff like drag themselves along the front of it on their sides lying on the floor. Cats and leather furniture are not a good bet.Cats love to scratch and sink their claws into fabric and soft surfaces. It just comes naturally to them. Cats and leather furniture are fairly incompatible. Since leather is a hide from an animal and still contains odors from the animal, a cat may find it irresistible. You cat may have the urge to "knead" the furniture to cover up the scent with its own.By 2 sided tape! It sells at Petsmart either in wide or single. It is very safe for furniture. I put it on my new leather chair where the cats had already begun clawing up on the front and back, also the side. You can barely see it when after its on. The cats don't like sticking to the tape. Mine havent scratched once since i applied the tape 2 days ago. The tape can be used on anything it sticks to. Curtains, sofas, chairs, beds. It has pretty much saved my furniture being I have 5 cats all with claws. Next Im going to trim the nails and put cat claw caps on them. they come in different sizes and colors. They also prevent any clawing. Amazon sells them and also most pet stores. Hope this helps...Good LuckBy LynnI have new leather furniture as well. My cat loved it. He made some pretty good scratches on it. I got on line and found a pretty neat solution. My cat goes outside so I knew declawing wasn't an option. I ordered these soft plastic claws that you place over your cats nails. It sounds crazy, but it works. I ordered bright green. The fake claws are so soft that your cat can jump and scratch all he wants and never scratch our furniture.Just Observe - Some cats simply don't like the feel of leather and avoid it completely. The only way you will know if your cat is a "leather lover" or not is to watch it carefully when you first get the cat (or the furniture).I have a dark purple real leather couch that I got previously owned (I wouldn't normally buy purple furniture).
I have two cats and used Murphy's Oil Soap on the scratches, the lesser scratches really covered up quite nicely, the deeper ones not as much but look less obvious.
I'm certainly not going to ever stop my cats from getting up on the furniture, they are family members.
I would try the shoe polish idea but what are my chances of finding deep purple shoe polish. (02/21/2008)
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