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Is there any way to fix cat scratch damage in faux leather couch? : DIY
Our cats have put a few scratches in our leather couch due to using them as "runways". They'll come running at a full sprint and then land on the couches where they'll inevitably fall asleep three seconds later. Yeah, I think this will be the main problem we have, and good to know that as I had only been considering purposeful scratching and not "incidental" damage. She has cardboard and carpet scratchers (and we can always get another sissel one as well, she tore the last one apart), and is pretty good about using those (or the crappy hallway carpet) when she wants to scratch. I'm thinking Soft Paws for a couple of weeks while she learns that the couches aren't scratching posts, then just accepting that there will be the odd scratch or pinhole on them.
How to Repair Leather That a Cat Scratched · How to Repair a Tear in a Faux Leather Couch.
Eventually I read the article and wised up. Clearly, we needed to give Ghosty something to scratch — and put it right beside the couch. My husband and I headed off to the store and came home with an expensive (but perfect) little Ghosty tree house, complete with wall-to-wall carpet and a scratching post. I swear, the very day we put that thing next to the couch, Ghost Cat became completely uninterested in scratching the fake leather. Photo: Cat scratch repair on leather couch - FibrenewCat scratch repair on leather couchPhoto: Cat scratch repair on leather couch - Fibrenew West
I have a new brown leather sofa and a crazy cat who has scratched the heck out of the arm rest. Any ideas to make the scratches less visible?AmberWe had a crazy cat too, and a brown leather sofa. I used Old English and wiped it on, but he scratched the side of the couch below the arm rest. We have to be careful that we don't touch it for a while afterwards and it doesn't last forever. Maybe you could make up a little bit of Rit dye to match the brown? The Old English makes the scratches less noticeable from a distance, but up close you can still see that it's scratched. Good luck! (08/23/2005)Now you are armed with the most effective way to deal with damaged leather sofas and leather furniture at home. From recliners to couches to chairs, cat scratches and kid’s toys are no longer a problem. It is possible you are reading this to find out how to fix your own furniture at home. Go on, make that leather beautiful again.I have a dark purple real leather couch that I got previously owned (I wouldn't normally buy purple furniture).
I have two cats and used Murphy's Oil Soap on the scratches, the lesser scratches really covered up quite nicely, the deeper ones not as much but look less obvious.
I'm certainly not going to ever stop my cats from getting up on the furniture, they are family members.
I would try the shoe polish idea but what are my chances of finding deep purple shoe polish. (02/21/2008)
By LeeBut the first part is true. Even if the cats do not scratch at the couch, they will leave holes in it from simple every day jumping up and down. And as Minimal Rose said, because it is leather those holes are more apparent.So now we need to figure out how the cat will do with the leather couch and chair. She hasn't really clawed at the cloth couch all that much, preferring the carpet and any cardboard we leave out for her. I also have I will put on her for the first few weeks so that we can discipline her if we notice her scratching the couch without her being able to do any damage.I have two leather couches, which I had before my cat. When she was a kitten, she would use them to sharpen her claws, on the back corners of the couches. She grew out of it though, and doesn't scratch them any more.