Find cat carriers large cat at Target.

Pet Gear World Traveler with Wheels for Cats and Small Dogs, Pet Carrier, Large, Crystal Pink -
I didn’t imagine this to be as heavy duty as it is. I hardly ever use the side door, the top door is so much easier. It is also a pretty big carrier, so if you have a larger cat I would suggest getting this.

Pet Gear World Traveler with Wheels for Cats and Small Dogs, Pet Carrier, Large, Pacific Blue
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What size should I get?
The carriers come in small, large and extra-large. If you have cats under 10 pounds, get a small. A large is fine for most cats 10 pounds and up. Extra large is a specialty size for very large cats who are not only heavy, but long and tall. These cats start at 20 and can range over 35 lbs. Big-breed cats such as Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats are examples of cats who may need an extra-large. If you have some cats over and under 10 pounds and you only want one carrier, get a large. The necklines adjust to the neck of a smaller cat and extra room is not a problem for him. Do not, however, use an Extra-Large carrier for a very small cat. The collar should be snug on the neck. Get the right size carrier. A large carrier is sometimes the only way to go because it can be impossible to squeeze a big cat through a narrow door. My personal favorite: a top-loading carrier. I even have a client who uses a rolling plastic file cabinet with a top that latches. He got it at OfficeMax for $12.99. Score!The carrier needs to be large enough to enable your cat to lie down, and be able to turn around, but not so large that your kitty will feel insecure inside. If your kitty is going to be in the carrier for more than an hour, the carrier needs to be large enough for the cat to stand up with about an inch left above his head. This is a requirement by many airlines.
Let’s start with the short answer first. At minimum, cat carrier should be large enough, so the cat is able to turn around in it, and to rise his head when lying down. But for the rest – the bigger carrier you’ve got, the better for your cat. But is it the same for you?When buying a cat carrier, there are different sizes available at pet stores, so, logical would be a question: “How large cat carrier do I need?”I don’t think an overly large carrier is recommended for a cat. In large cages, they are often curled up in the back, in a corner, with their backs against something. Also, a cat sloshing back and fourth in a large carrier while traveling is definitely unsafe. A carrier should be only large enough to stand up and turn around, no larger.