The majority of cats prefer large boxes that they can enter easily

Large Litter Box Hider Accomodates Most Large and Electronic Litter Boxes at Modern Cat Designs
Most of today's electronic self-cleaning litter boxes are equipped with a sensor. At its most basic, this sensor is activated when a cat enters or exits the litter box. Usually, there is a pre-programmed time delay that begins when the sensor is activated, and gives the cat an adequate amount of time to finish its business before the scooping action starts. Some of the more complex litter boxes have sensors that even register and adjust to the cat's weight, allowing them to accommodate large and small cats alike.
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This is our official list of the best extra large cat litter boxes on the market today. Scroll further down or click “More Info” for full details on each product. Litter Boxes 100411: Clean Pet Cat Kitty Open Top Large Cats Litter Box With Shield And Scoop New BUY IT NOW ONLY: $44.68Litter Boxes 100411: Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden Wooden Covered Large Kitty Enclosure - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $237.81 on eBay!Litter Boxes 100411: Clean Pet Cat Kitty Open Top Large Cats Litter Box With Shield And Scoop New BUY IT NOW ONLY: $44.68
So Im just sitting here with my cat next to me and he rolls over and his paw hits this pin. LOL!!!!! Cat Washroom Bench for Large & Electronic Litter Boxes.We've included a variety of cat litter boxes, to suit the needs of every household. There are large, extra large and jumbo selections. If you have a Maine Coon kitten, you'll soon find him outgrowing a standard size litter box!Thankfully, there are several companies that are selling litter boxes that are for cats of the larger variety and you can give them a try if your regular litter box is no longer a good fit for your feline.Another great thing about this cat litter box is the size. It is great for homes with multiple cats. Plus, the large hood lifts makes it easier to clean compared to other cat litter boxes that are available in the market today.I'm not a very creative or crafty person but since I'm going to have one or two little ones crawling around on my floor I needed to come up with a better solution for my cat litter boxes. Since 2 of the 3 cats who reside here are large a regular covered bIt’s designed by a young woman out of Wisconsin named Kim who came up with the idea out of sheer frustration at the lack of suitable litter boxes available on the market to suit her large Maine Coone kitties. Â At , the Kattails Kat Kave is not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for and this is by far the best quality covered cat litter box I have seen and tested on the market.Now, many of you may already grump your faces in disbelief, do cats really need that large box. Why would pet stores still sell litter boxes that are too small?Another feature that cat owners need in a litter box is quick access for cleaning. If the box has a cover, it should be simple to remove so the litter can be changed. The right litter box should be lightweight and easy to be put in a variety of spaces. Quality boxes should also have a non-stick surface that can be properly cleaned. Here are some examples of extra large cat litter boxes to consider: