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Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Formula Cat Food
If your cat could pronounce it, they’d ask for this food by name. This recipe is inspired by Solid Gold's founder, Sissy McGill, and is packed with grass-fed lamb for high-density protein, healthy whole grains like brown rice and pearled barley and a unique blend of 20 superfoods to promote overall wellness. This is the kind of nutrition that could change all nine of your cat’s lives!
We can no longer find Iams lamb and rice cat food and have been forced to look for an alternative. Have you totally discontinued lamb and rice?
Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Adult Cat Food is formulated for cats that have sensitive needs. The amino acid glutamine plus other nutrients gently nourish digestive cells to help promote a healthy digestive tract. Highly digestible formula with high quality ingredients, including lamb, rice, and oatmeal are ideal for your cat's sensitive stomach. Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Adult Cat Food uses organic, easily absorbed minerals for your cat's digestive system. Pro Plan is uniquely designed for your cat's unique metabolism and to help maintain muscle mass for strength and a healthy energy level. Complete nutrition with antioxidants helps support a strong immune system. Real lamb is the number one ingredient to satisfy even the most finicky cat. Browse Proactive Health™ lamb and rice wet cat food from IAMS™. Our healthy formula will give your cat the delicious taste and nutrition of a slow-cooked meal.Try IAMS® Premium Pate with Lamb & Rice cat food and give your cat the taste and nutrition of a homemade meal.Sub Brand: ProActive Health; Flavor: Lamb and Rice; Product Form: Pate; Product Type: Cat Food; Container Size: 5.5 oz
Cat feeding instructions: Weight of Cat: (4-8 lbs), feed 1/4-1/2 c per day. Weight: (8-12 lbs), feed 1/2 -3/4 c per day. Weight: (12-16 lb), feed 3/4 -1 c per day. Weight: (16-22 lb), feed 1-1 1/3 lb per day. The chart above shows the best amount to feed your cat each day. If feeding twice a day, divide amount into two portions. (Portions are based on the use of a standard 8 ounce measuring cup.) During the last three (3) weeks of gestation, increase feeding amounts shown above by 25%. During lactation, feed up to three times the amount shown for your cat's pre-pregnancy weight. Remember to have clean, fresh water available for your cat at all times. Because Iams Lamb & Rice Formula is complete and balanced, you do not need to add vitamin or mineral supplements. When introducing Iams Lamb & Rice Formula try gradually mixing it with your cat's current food over the course of 4 days.Until this product sickened my kitty, I was a very pleased Purina Pro user. But this last batch of dry cat food sickened my cat and my mother's cat. The beef flavored classic ground wet food also sickened them. They got violently ill less than 3x feet from the cat food bowl. The Lamb and Rice kicked it off and was way worse, lasting a few days with fever and gaggy hacks, but they still vomited with the Savory and Beef+Chicken. I also fed my kitty the Purina Natural Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Classic Ground which didn't make them sick. This was over a period of a week and the second cat sickening that we realized it was the food. Our primary go-to for food is the wet food so the second cat didn't get sick until mom was too busy to get him his food before he relented and ate the "emergency rations" dry food. 3x feet later projectile vomiting like the first cat. Thankfully he is younger and/or did not get as big a dose as my poor older kitty the first day.High-quality Eukanuba Lamb & Rice Formula Cat Food not only tastes great, it contains optimum levels of lamb protein, scientifically formulated to meet recommendations of veterinarians and nutritionists. 8 lb. bag.There is no way this is a coincidence. When I visited the store and inquired, and requested a refund, I received a blank stare. No apology, no refund, no solace. I was going to chalk this up to simply a bad batch of dog food but I'm petrified after reading all the VERY recent posts on not just the lamb and rice, but the grain free food as well. COSTCO - we ask, do the right thing. Audit the makers and suppliers of your pet food. There are just too many instances for this to be a coincidence! Is it going to take a child to accidentally ingest for you to do something?! #petlivesmatter #Ducati #wakeupCOSTCO