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CAT volunteers and adoption counselors will be available to help you find the purrfect kitty! Special adoption fees for all adult cats (age 1 yr+) at the event: $25!
Fix every kitty in your house for FREE on June 17 at the Cat Adoption Team!*
Tiramisu is a sweet treat! She's a petite 1-year-old ticked tabby and white kitty that came to AFRP from the Salinas Animal Shelter after arriving as a homeless mother cat with a littler of kittens. Tiramisu raised her babies in foster care, and was a wonderful mother. Now that her kittens are grown, she's ready for a home of her own. Tiramisu is a friendly, gentle and affectionate cat that will be a wonderful friend. Meet her at the Petco adoption location at the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey. Fix every kitty in your house for FREE on September 22 at the Cat Adoption Team!Fix every kitty in your house for FREE on December 8 at the Cat Adoption Team!Fix every kitty in your house for FREE on June 9 at the Cat Adoption Team!*
Please nose your way around our web site, where you'll find more information , a selection of our many , information on (including where you can meet the cats) and with our all-volunteer efforts. There's also a , an of cats previously adopted through Kitty Angels and news of . You can sign up for our email list. Please if you need more information.All Kitty Cat Adoptions' cats & kittens are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and treated with preventative flea/tick/parasite medication prior to adoption. Kitty Cat Adoptions cats and kittens have been socialized and from that KCA is able to match you to a cat or kitten who fits your lifestyle. So as we approach Kitten Season, Monadnock Kitty Rescue and Adoption (MKRA) would just like to remind everyone to get their cats spayed and neutered, if you are having trouble financially, or know someone that is, please contact the shelter at , so we can help them find low-cost solutions.
While adopting a cat feels good, adopting a cat from Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary feels even better. When you adopt one cat, you are really helping save thousands through behind-the-scene rehabilitation efforts, spay and neuter surgeries, food, and shelter. Join us in our mission to eliminate pain, fear, and suffering in all cats by adopting today.Adoption fees can vary based on the pets age, breed, temperament, special needs, and size. For example, we do charge more for purebred and highly adoptable animals. This is not because we feel they are more valuable, or are trying to make money- there is no profit in animal rescue. The increased donation is mainly for their protection since "flippers" scour ads for cats they can acquire cheaply and turn around and sell for profit. There is also a greater demand for purebreds. This higher adoption donation allows Kitty Cat Adoptions to generate increased resources to help a greater number of animals in need. * OFCR doesn't receive regular donations and receives no funding. The founder pays out of pocket to meet all the needs of the rescued cats and kittens. The adoption donation(s) we charge for our purebreds is a fraction of what is charged by pet stores and breeders. Miss Kitty's has begun a very special program called the MISS KITTY'S LONELY HEARTS KLUB. This is a program for cats that for whatever reason have been overlooked for adoption. They may be shy at first meeting, or just because they are adults when new owners are searching for kittens. Sometimes they have unique personality traits (imagine THAT in a cat!) that require a special someone to accept them for who they are. If you are that special someone. please take a look at our Lonely Hearts Klub members for consideration- they may be the LOVE of your life!! Cats with the MK Lonely Hearts Klub designation may be available for a reduced adoption fee for that "special someone".