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Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight Cat Formula dry cat food.
I only feed my three German Shepherds Pedigree and always have. My cats, however, have been on Kirkland dry cat food for years. They all do very well….they eat less (but maintain healthy weight), they throw up less, they do exceedingly well and are all healthy.
The have limited cat & dog food available on Costco web site. Nature’s Domain, Kirkland Small Dog Chicken, and Kirkland Cat Healthy Weight.
I used this food for almost 3 years after switching from Wellness. The cats used to get diarrhea and I never attributed it to this food, since we also gave them wet good on occasion. Since we have three cats and even the least picky one started to not eat it, I thought there was a problem with the bag of food – maybe it was stale or something, Yet since it continued after two bags, I switched to Natural Balance which is more expensive and I give them wet food (Friskies) also. I don’t see diarrhea anymore. I wish I could give them Kirkland because the price is better, but I doubt I will go back to it unless I mix it with something else. I see here that Kirkland has the same rating as Natural Balance. However, the cats eat Natural Balance much better than Kirkland. Natural Balance is almost twice as expensive. On both foods he cats maintained a healthy weight on the slender side and very active different ages, 3, 6 and 13. I would like to find something better than Natural Balance since their reviews are average. Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight Cat FoodRice Formula and Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight Cat Formula dry cat food.kirkland healthy weight cat food- PDF documents
We've been using Costco (Kirkland) brand cat food for several years. We use the "Healthy weight cat" version that comes in a purple bag. I recently opened a new bag and just in the last week both of my cats have fallen ill. Both are lethargic, vomiting, and having diarrhea. The vet said it's most likely something they ate. The only thing they could have possibly eaten was their food. There is nothing poisonous in my home as I have two small children as well as the pets.The company’s website said the recall involves its Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Cat Chicken & Rice Formula and Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight Cat Formula dry cat food. No illnesses with pets have been reported.I did plenty of research before switching my 3 large dogs and 5 cats to the Kirkland brands. We use the feline healthy weight and canine healthy weight along with the salmon and sweet potato regular dog food. They are far and away better made than most of the other commercially available pet foods. I'm sure there are bad batches in every product but not once did I read that it was concluded medically and professionally by a qualified veterinary professional that the Kirkland food was the cause of any of the illnesses reported. Cats and dogs have very stellar digestive systems and are more likely to become ill from a foreign object or poison than any commercially produced food. I'm sad for any of the losses of life experienced by these pet owners but I genuinely doubt it was the food that made these dogs and cats so sick. Costco is one of the most responsible retailers and take their products and member services very seriously. And no I don't work for Costco.The Kirkland Signature brand of dog and cat food products actually includes two separate product lines – the Super Premium line of pet foods and the Nature’s Domain line of pet foods. Kirkland’s Super Premium product lineup features original recipes for dogs and cats made with high-quality chicken as the primary protein and wholesome grains as the main carbohydrates. This line includes half a dozen different recipes for dogs in various life stages, including a healthy weight formula. The Nature’s Domain line of products is all gluten-free and grain-free, formulated with a variety of quality proteins and healthy fats. This line also includes recipes for puppies as well as adult dogs.I came back home after shopping and he had vomited into his food bowl and on the floor. I just called Costco and told them I wanted my money back and they said sure!!! I do not recommend this food to anyone!!! As an added note, 2 of my daughter’s cats have died in the last 6 months, they lost half their weight, got diabetes and renal failure and had to be put down. They ate the Costco food and went from perfect health to death in 6 months. I am not saying it is from the Kirkland food but I have to wonder what is going on especially after reading what I did here today.Omg……we just started using Kirkland healthy weight cat food about a month ago. My two year old female is fine, but my six year old is dying!!!!! The vet can’t find anything yet, he has another appointment tomorrow. He went from happy, frisky, bright eyed kitty to a zombie with black eyes very quickly.