A kennel is a structure or shelter for dogs or cats

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Cats are naturally clean creatures, so a dirty confined kennel leaves cats not only miserable, but also prone to illnesses. Correctly cleaning a cat kennel helps prevent the spread of disease and provides satisfying living quarters for a cat.
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Select a cat carrier that is sturdy and suitable for transport. If you are taking your cat on board the cabin with you or in the car, you may be able to use a soft top kennel, but you should not use them for shipping your cat as cargo. Airlines usually require that your cat’s carrier is made of wood, plastic, or metal. Make certain that the bolts on the carrier are secure, and pack extra ones in case of damage or malfunction so that your cat can stay secure. Kennels for Cats: A Giving Tuesday Fundraiser • KC Pet Project (KCPP)Boarding fees for cats and dogs at Kingston KennelsKingston Kennels Boarding Rates for cats and dogs.
At-Home Kennels' offers affordable boarding rates, but most importantly we pride ourselves on providing your pets clean and friendly accommodations from a loving staff of care givers. Come by any time to check out our spotless kennel facilities. We have a community room for small dogs and we also offer custom care for both dogs and cats. With advance arrangements we also off Pet Transportation services to and from our Kennel.Our handlers want your dog or cat to feel like they’re staying at the second home. Handlers are trained in CPR and are always on hand during playtime to ensure everyone stays happy and safe. Dogs and cats are carefully monitored throughout the day to watch for signs of distress or illness. If something goes wrong, our handlers are equipped to take action and will notify you immediately. So don’t worry—your fur-babies are in good hands at Emerald Street Kennels.

today to ask about our free temperament test and . We look forward to caring for your pets!

The facilities at Emerald Street Kennels are some of the few in Boise equipped to safely house cats and kittens. has a separate ventilation system to help protect the health of your cat, as well as multiple scratching posts and windows looking out onto our garden for hours of entertainment. For all of your cat boarding needs, turn to Emerald Street Kennels.The cat kennels room is very calm and quiet. The natural light eliminates the need for artificial light, though we do have them for the evening hours. Our cat lodgers rotate time out of their condos, just like our dogs do. Though they do not socialize with cats from different households, all cats are rotated out for their individual “playtime”. This gives them a chance to get out, stretch and lay around or play out in the cat room.Our “Kitty Condo’s” or, cat kennels, are a state of the art cat cube with completely separate areas for your kitty to eat, rest and do whatever comes naturally. Incorporating large windows and lots of large outside windows the condos easily open to natural light. With slick walls and sliding doors, the condos are easily disinfected and spacious enough for them to stretch and jump. Each condo has a shelf the cats can climb up to as well as the option to make one condo into two, three or even four. However much space you want for your furry
loved one, we can accommodate.Our kennel technicians are responsible for maintaining our guests’ comfort, health and wellness. Their duties include feeding, medicating, attending to the cat’s needs as they arise, taking detailed notes and developing care plans. Our techs tend to our guests all day long and into the night. We require a high level of prior experience and knowledge for our kennel techs.