How to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture Without Declawing

Question: Keeping Cats from Clawing Furniture.
Clipping the tips of your cat’s claws has a lot of advantages. First, your cat won’t be able to destroy your favorite furniture! If your cat loves to knead you, she won’t scratch you up in the process. Keeping your cat’s nails short can also prevent your cat from painfully breaking her nails if her claws get caught in the carpet or your furniture.
With these methods, your furniture will certainly suffer less damage. What methods have you used to keep your cats from clawing the furniture?
It is difficult to keep a clean home if your furniture is covered in claw marks from the resident feline. Cats adore hunting and sharpening their claws, and, clever creatures that they are, they don’t need the natural recourses of live mice or tree bark to do these things. They’re quite happy to use your carpet, curtains, and furniture instead. Asked why full upholstery is important, Juneja said it keeps cats from clawing from any wood on the furniture.Keeping Cats From Clawing Furniture Free Pictures FinderI wonder if anyone out there has any suggestions for keeping cats from clawing your furniture to death
Pretty throws could work on the couch, maybe just draped over one cushion. Or even a cat bed. You'll have to keep putting them in the right spot for awhile and spray them when they go to an unprotected area. Wipe off the furniture with a damp sponge to collect a lot of the fur. As far as the scratching, put lots of posts around. There are sprays for furniture that can discourage them from scratching but I haven't found any that work really well. I keep my couch against the wall with tables, etc. on each side. They can only get close to the front. Put something under the seat cushions that will drape down and cover the front/bottom of the couch. I'd start doing some of this while you still have the old furniture, if it's not too late. Other than the suggestions we've all given, the only other option is having them declawed. There's a lot of controversy over this, but we brought them into our homes, and we'll never be able to get rid of their natural instincts. That's asking too much. So declaw if nothing else works for you and remember that we've already domesticated them so much that a little more isn't that bad.You love your cat, but you also really enjoy your nice new furniture that you spent a fortune on! Keeping cats from clawing at your leather lounge chair or nice microsuede sofa can create a problem in any home. Fortunately, we have solutions to keep your cats from destroying furniture without declawing your cat. The clinic has some suggestions for how to keep your cat - and furniture - happy. Here are some tips to keep your healthily-clawed cat from totally destroying your house: Also, did you know there are things that help keep your furniture a little safer? You can find that protect your furniture legs from cat claws.Cover up the Sofa or Chair - One way to prevent damage to your leather furniture from a cat is to cover it up. The cover must be fairly thick so the cat's claws will not penetrate the leather underneath. Furthermore, it must be tight fitting so it won't be pulled off by kitty's claws. You can remove the cover for company and replace it when you're not around to keep an eye on things.While you are providing your cat with good scratching places, you can deter him from clawing your furniture by covering sofas and chairs with plastic. This will make it difficult for your cat’s claws to take hold on the slippery surface. Using double-sided sticky tape on your chair and sofa edges will also cause your cat to avoid clawing those items, since cats don’t like the sticky feel on their feet. Spraying sofas and carpets with an orange-scented spray will also keep kitty away, since most cats do not like the smell of citrus.