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WhatÍs so valuable about Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline Kidney Care Chicken/Vegetable Stew Can Cat Food? Find out here: * Maintain Kidney Health* Diminish amounts of sodium and phosphorous that helps support overall kidney function and blood pressure* Reduced phosphorus to help maintain healthy…
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Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians developed Prescription Diet k/d clinical nutrition to support your cat's kidney health. In fact, k/d is clinically tested nutrition to improve & lengthen quality of life. Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline is a complete and balanced food that provides all the nutrition your cat needs. For adult cats. Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline Chicken & Vegetable Stew Cat FoodMy vet put my cat on Hills Prescription Diet K/D cat food for kidney diseaseMy cats are on the Hills Prescription k/d chicken flavored dry food
I want to thank all of the loving parents who posted here and stopped me from falling into the abyss that Hill's Prescription Diet seems to have skillfully crafted for so many of us who find ourselves wanting to listen to the veterinarian who we've trusted with our precious babies for so long and who we've probably even - in my case - come to admire. When my little black panther who is 19 years young started to be constipated too often and cry at the box I took him to his doctor. We ran blood tests and found that they were really way better than expected for his age. (Thank You God). His doctor had worried about his kidney but the count was not off except for I think she said by one point? This was last Friday, 3 days ago. However, In addition to the medication for constipation, she sent him home with some Hill's Prescription Diet k/d dry kibble to give along with his regular food.Hill's K/D Renal Prescription Dry Food for cats - Has anyone experienced a recent problem with this product? Just bought a new bag and both of our cats are throwing up. This is highly unusual and has not happened in the past. Bag states best if used by 5 2016. We changed the dry food and it has stopped. California purchase.I have recently found ground up chunks of rubber bands in cans of Hill's Prescription Diet K/D formula wet cat food. They were found in both a can of the Chicken flavor and in a can of the Ocean Fish flavor, which was recommended by my veterinarian (purchased on 5/19/2015). I am returning the food to my vet tomorrow and will be informing the company (saved the cans with sku numbers, have my receipt and have the pieces saved in a bag). I will not be feeding this garbage to my pet again. I will be looking for an alternate food for my cat who is in the beginning stages of kidney failure.Well, the test came back and showed her kidneys were good, but now they said that her calcium levels were high and wanted to run some other tests. During this time, my husband and I were starting to wonder if it was the food and my husband and I sat down and went over all that has been happening. We feel really horrible that we didn't figure this out soon, but we finally came to the conclusion that her diarrhea started when she started on the food. We researched the Hill's K/D feline food and found others feeding their cats and dogs with the same food and problems. That was probably 6 months ago. She stopped urinating all over the house right away. Her gas problems gradually got better. Now she is doing better defecating. She seems so much happier. Don't know that I did the right thing, but I do feel it was right for her. She now enjoys foods other than the pouches, but I try to give her quality low protein. She still has a bowl of k/d hard food available if she chooses, but no more k/d wet food. And frankly, cats with kidney disease probably shouldn't eat dry food but I didn't want to switch her food completely. She gets wet food (quality commercial low protein... not Hills) whenever she asks for it these days.My vet put my cat on Hills Prescription Diet K/D cat food for kidney disease. I didn't want her to eat this food because I did not feel comfortable with the quality of the ingredients. I agreed because my vet said it would help her. I was feeding her the dry K/D because she didn't care for the canned and didn't eat enough. The only canned K/D she would tolerate is the Ocean Fish. I fed her a new can and after she ate I picked it up and noticed a piece of rubber in the food. It was approx. 1/2" x 1/4". I worried that she might have eaten smaller pieces. I took the can with the rubber piece back to my vet's office, where I purchased it and they will get with their rep. regarding this.