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Cat toys are the obvious items I find under furniture. These are designed for cat-batting, so I’m not surprised at the number and variety of them I find. I go looking only when I see some of the favorites are missing. When I retrieve the toys and present them to the cats, it’s like Christmas morning. And then an hour later, the toys are back under the furniture.
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Quickly, safely and easily purchase food, litter, and other supplies for the cats and dogs in our care using . Choose the items you wish to send us, and Gooddler takes care of the rest – including shipping every item directly to us, and providing a tax receipt for your records. Entertaining Items for Dogs & Cats - Animal Behavior CollegeBack to School: 9 Must-Have Items for Cat Lovers - CatsterCat Lover Products: Items For Both Cats And Humans - Cat Lovers Only
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Choose the items you wish to send us, and Gooddler takes care of the rest – including shipping every item directly to us, and providing a tax receipt for your records.If you live on the West Coast you probably have some kind of Earthquake kit in your home; essentials like a flashlight and a few bottles of water but it’s important to have emergency supplies for the cats and even in your home too. You never know what it going to happen: earthquake, extreme weather, blackouts, floods, fires, riots… the list of emergency situations you could find yourself in at any given time is endless. Those are obviously extremes but they are real things that affect people and our ability to go to the grocery store or get access to basic necessities. If you’re on a road trip, you’ll want to have essential items in an easy to travel box, bag or backpack to take with you. It’s important to make sure your pets are covered in the event of any emergency, or just to be prepared when you are camping or traveling and out of your usual element. Here are a few items that are essential: to shop online for useful items that we've picked out. It's a great way to easily donate things we need to help the cats and dogs in our care!Most people don't realize that they can keep a few toys on hand and reuse them. Its all about how often you take them away and reintroduce them at a later date. At my house we alternate between a few toys every few days to make them seem brand new ever time we bring them back out. Here are a few household items we use for our cats:Most cats benefit from scratching and perching products. A product known as Pavlov’s Cat™ delivers food treats each time the cat scratches the post. For scratching problems, plastic nail coverings (Soft Paws®) are available that can be glued onto the toenails to prevent damage to furniture. For cats that chew on household items such as plants, planting a cat herb garden may attract the cat.Many owners complain that their cats scratch furniture and carpets, chew on fabric, or munch on houseplants. These are considered destructive behaviors, which can not only result in the loss of valuable items, but can also be harmful to the health of your cat. One common misconception is that cats are "out for revenge" when they destroy household items. But actually, these innate behaviors occur throughout the course of a cat's normal investigation and play. The good news is that they can be managed.