Looking for a soft or moist "dry" cat food

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If there is some sort of obstruction in your cat’s digestive tract, soft canned food might be able to pass around it, whereas dry food might not be able to. This is a potentially life threatening situation and requires veterinary attention.
Is there a soft, moist cat food out there that I can replace my dry cat food with? My 16 yr old persian is having some problems with the dry.
6. A good dry cat food will give your cat good nutrition. Wet or moist foods may also do so, but there are drawbacks to them. They cost much more per pound, and more of that weight is water. Soft food also sticks to teeth and is more likely to produce tartar buildup. You can use wet cat food for weaning kittens that are just learning to eat or for older cats that are having trouble getting enough dry cat food to keep on enough weight. If you choose to feed your cat wet foods, keep the principles in #1–#4 in mind when checking for quality. Looking for a soft cat food. Not canned food - Pet Groomer ForumsBest Senior Cat Food - Soft Food for Older Cats |Premium ..NUTRO™ Indoor Senior Cat Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe ..