Insulated cat house with heated cat house option.

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The house needed to be put together when it arrived, but it was simple to do so - there were pre-drilled holes and the parts were easy to assemble. The insulation doesn't look that thick, but I love the fact that it has reflective foil all around - so that there is a tight seal and the animal's heat will be reflected back, keeping them toasty. We added a thick piece of styrofoam on the bottom to keep the kitty away from the cold ground more.

I love the vinyl door flap that helps keep the heat in. We're not sure if anyone is using it (it's for a feral neighbourhood cat), but it looks great on the front porch, is tightly built and is a great size for a single cat. I'm very pleased with this purchase.
Insulated cat house with heated cat house option.
If you value function above form for your cat abode, this plastic cat shelter might be for you. The clever design is simply a plastic box, stacked inside of a larger plastic box, with insulation in between. A PVC pipe fitting installed as a door. As simple as it is, it should be able to stand up to the elements nicely. Insulated cat house with heated cat house option.DIY insulated outdoor cat house for the winter with platformoutdoor+cat+houses+for+winter | Insulated Outdoor Pet House with Platform
The Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter and Feralvilla Project Cat Shelter incorporate a 2-level design with a fully insulated upper level to provide an unprecedented level of protection. Thousands of shelters of this design have been sold since 2003.
The Kitty Tube - Insulated Outdoor Cat House with pillow and NEW Door Awning - Introducing The Kitty Tube - fully insulated outdoor cat house. Improvements include a brand new awning over the door, a positive fitting lid, better wet weather protection, higher quality exterior, ... - Cat HousesCustomized Outdoor Cat House ... she doesn't give any how to instructions but we built one ourselves & had wood & the sheet metal roofing that I'd gotten off craigslist for free to make ours, we painted it the same color as our house to blend in and it has two levels, plexiglass windows & we insulated it with house insulation that we had left over sandwiched between the outside wall & the inside wall .......... #DIY #cathouse #cat #diypetprojects #wood #metalroofing #screws #carpet…Insulated and Heated Large Cedar Outside Cat House. The Large Cedar Outside Cat House , big enough to accommodate two cats, is individually hand crafted with the high quality workmanship, from cedar wood, which is the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use. The large cedar outdoor cat house is insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation, placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling. This not only keeps your cat warm in winter, but gives it a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.I built this most awesome insulated and "heated" cathouse ... like a dog house, but for a cat! I looked high and low for cat house shelter plans and found very little that appealed to me, so I made my own! Even my amateur woodworking skills couldn't stop me on this build.Insulation in a house is important for staying warm, in the winter, and for cooling in the summer. One of the most common materials for this cat shelter is cedar. It can stand up to harsh winters and hot sun summers. When insulated, it provides care from the winter cold or summer heat. Cedar is known to naturally repel insects and is a long lasting construction medium for outdoor cat shelters. We offer a wide array of high quality outdoor cat shelters.