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Maintained by veterinarians, this a very useful site loaded with health news and information about behavior, health, diseases, and drugs related to dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other pets.
The Free Information Center For Lost and Found Dogs, Cats and All Other Pets
This web site is intended for owners of dogs and cats with diabetes. The site provides disease information on diabetes mellitus. Advice about insulin treatment and suitable diets for managing canine and feline diabetes can also be found. INFORMATION FOR TRAVELING WITH PETS (CATS/DOGS) TO. MAINLAND CHINA. Items. No. Requirements. Yes(√) or. No(×). 1. Proof of rabies vaccination:.Causes of Canine and Feline Bacterial Infections. Information to Help with Bacterial Infections Such as Leptospirosis in Cats and Dogs.Dog vs Cat Dogs and cats are domestic animals belonging to different species
Sam’s Cats and Dogs, Naturally strives to be the premier presence of pet information and products in the Sky Valley and beyond. Our goal with every pet guardian that shops at our store is that they have a better relationship with their pet because of our support and service. If it doesn’t keep your pet happy and healthy, we won’t sell it! Within the cerebral cortex — the brain region responsible for information processing, problem-solving and perception, among other things — cats have 300 million neurons, compared with dogs' 160 million neurons.Because we have a family of special-needs cats and dogs living in our home, over the years we've located a variety of online resources in such areas as pet emergencies and first aid, adoptions, traveling with cats and dogs, bereavement, health and behavior problems, and so on. This web site provides links to online information and resources for (1) cats, dogs, horses, and other companion animals; (2) special-needs animals; and (3) therapy, guide, hearing, and other service, working, or assistance animals. [For those interested, I also maintain .]Cats and dogs may be sold due to fraudulent activity as part of a “pump and dump” scheme. Representatives present overly optimistic claims about a company’s prospects via email, or message boards as a means of inflating the stock’s price. The claims often promise large returns for a small subscription fee. Because such stock trades infrequently, a small rise in purchase activity may cause a potentially large stock price increase. Sources of the original information sell their shares, typically at a large profit. Investors often do not recoup their losses.Obtaining reliable data and information about cats and dogs is difficult. Since the SEC regulates companies with over $10 million in assets and over 500 registered , most cats and dogs companies do not file financial statements. Con artists can easily provide investors with false information regarding these businesses.If you decide to prepare your own vegetarian dog or cat food, we recommend that you read to ensure that you understand the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Do not rely on this factsheet for complete information. The book has several recipes and helpful hints. If your library or bookstore doesn’t have it, you can order it from .