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A female cat carries her kittens for about 58-65 days before they are born
Before you decide to microchip your cat or kitten, you should have a full understanding of . A microchip identification tag is a small computer chip containing information linking you to your cat. The chip is inserted subcutaneously (under the skin) with a needle, a procedure which takes only a few minutes. It is common practice to insert the chip, which is non-toxic and about the size of a grain of rice, between your cat’s shoulder blades. It will not cause your cat discomfort or allergic reactions.
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This cam shows a mother cat and her kittens in an open environment.

House cats, along with dogs, are the most popular animal companions in the US. Cats have long tails that help them balance, and sharp claws and teeth that aid in the hunting of rodents and small birds. Like their wild relatives, domesticated house cats are known for their agility, strength, and coordination.

Juvenile cats are known as kittens or kitty cats. Kittens are born in groups called “litters” that typically consist of 2 to 5 baby cats. When born, the kitten’s eyes are closed; they open about ten days after birth. At around two weeks, kittens start to wander around and may leave their den. Roughly a month after birth, kittens develop adult teeth and begin to eat solid food. Kitten cam allows you to watch cute kittens grow before your eyes.

Cute Kittens

Because cats are social and independent animals, they are desirable pets and American culture generally shows affection towards cute kittens.

Kittens spend most of their time playing with their brothers and sisters up until about 5 months of age, at which time they began to develop hunting skills and tend to become or solitary. At around one year of age, kittens are regarded as adult cats.

Kitten Nutrition

Kittens generally suckle for their mother’s milk throughout the day and require high-calorie and protein-rich milk at least every two to four hours. As kittens grow older, their diet will turn more carnivorous, although a strict meat diet will cause nutritional problems. Consult a veterinarian for your kitten's optimal diet.

Cat senses behavior

Cats are very active at night and have developed eyes that allow them sensitive vision in the dark. Smell is another highly developed sense in a cat, and they often sniff their food prior to eating it. A cat may lose its appetite if its nasal passages are clogged.

Get in touch with Kitten rescue, home to the kitten cam, if you are considering adopting a cat and would like to learn more information. Learn about FRONTLINE Plus for Cats & Kittens for animal usage including: active ingredients, directions for use, precautions, and storage information.A group of kittens is called a kindle; a group of adult cats is called a clowderThere's plenty to know about cats and kittens besides how loud they purr
Before going into the rooms with the cats and kittens, you’ll be asked to complete a survey designed to give us more information about you and the type of cat or kitten you are looking for. After completing the survey, the staff will tally the results, explain the paperwork for cats who may fit best with your lifestyle and expectations, and invite you to visit with them.