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A cat kennel can be a great addition for of your feline friends. No matter how domesticated they are, any cat can become bored with indoor life, especially if they have strict rules about what they can and can not climb on and play with. Constructing a kennel system is perfect for the cat in need of a place of their own where they can do what they want. Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel. Indoor And Outdoor For Cats And Dogs -Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel. Indoor And Outdoor For Cats And Dogs Zampa 45"Zampa Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel. Indoor And Outdoor For Cats And Dogs -
Going out of town and need someone you can trust with your beloved pet? Look no further! Four Paws provides each dog with their own spacious kennel used only for eating, sleeping and for some elderly dogs, naptimes. Boarded dogs have all day access to our Doggy Day Care at no additional cost. Your dog will be able to spend all of their time socializing, learning skills, and just having fun with their newfound friends! If you're a cat person we can board your feline friends as well! Cats have a 360 view of the outside via walls of windows. They have their own special room and receive a bounty of attention from the staffers on break, between shifts, and have a tendency to be the soothing facet handlers need before and/or after a shift in the dog yards. It's a wonderful Ying and Yang energy for staff having the dogs and the cats. We all benefit from one another!A cat kennel is a great way to keep your cat or cats safe while outside. Indoor cat kennels can be used to contain sick or injured cats. You might also need a cat kennel if you will be remodeling, throwing a party or shampooing your rugs.Spacious indoor/outdoor kennels, an enormous outdoor play yard, including access to our , and a friendly staff are what make Sterling Meadows the BEST dog-boarding facility. Our kennel runs feature complete climate control, ensuring that your dog is always comfortable. Your cat will also love staying in our cattery, where they will have their own spacious “condo” in a quiet, well-ventilated area. Cats are free to roam and socialize with other cats, as they please. Remember that we also provide boarding for many small animals. We maintain 24 hour attendance for the safety of our guests, and the peace of mind of their owners. NOTE: Here at sterling meadows kennel, we provide your pet with plenty of bedding and toys, you are more than welcome to bring your own, however we are not liable for any lost or damaged items while boarding.“Auntie’s Cat Kennels has been such a blessing to me since my cat Oliver was diagnosed with diabetes this past year. After the diagnosis, I thought I would never be able to travel like I once did because of Oliver needing two insulin shots a day. However, my vet recommended Auntie’s and I am so glad she did. I now feel completely at ease leaving both my cats with Faith and Terry. They are wonderful with my boys and I feel my furry children are safe and taken care of when I am away. I also have the peace of mind knowing that Oliver will get his medication. Thanks Auntie’s!”For a larger and more attractive kennel, re-purpose an old curio cabinet or other large cabinet with doors. If the doors of the cabinet are solid, you will need to cut out a large window and screen it with chicken wire. To allow your cat to move freely through the entire cabinet, cut holes in alternating ends of the wooden shelves. Place the litter box on the bottom and toys and bedding throughout the rest of the cabinet.We've grown to include three locations in MD and PA to serve the demands of Baltimore, York, Harford and Carroll Counties. Country Comfort Kennels offers a variety of specialized to accommodate you and your pet’s needs and we only hire dog and cat-loving so you know your pets will be treated well. Please browse our site to find out more!