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Peter the home builder turned his house into an indoor cat paradise for his 15 rescue cats.
Time to be a little trendy and intelligent. Make out a similar side table that you can use beside your sofa and even you can use it as a indoor cat house. Isn’t it a looks very modern and trendy? Yes a great indoor furniture by itself and again you don’t need an extra space to dedicate for a cat house.
cat houses for outside | ... indoor cat wants/needs to be outside, below is a safe alternative
"The hazards of the outdoors-automobiles, dogs, rival cats,poisonous plants, infectious diseases, and fleas, to name but a few-are compelling reasonsto keep cats exclusively indoors. It is especially important to keep declawed catsindoors, as they are poorly equipped to defend themselves or escape danger by climbingtrees. Indoor cats are unquestionably safer and healthier than outdoor cats, and they makebetter household pets. They don't endanger birds and other wildlife or bring home fleas ordead animals, nor do they need frequent visits to the veterinarian to treat injuriessustained in scraps with rival cats. KatKabin Outdoor Cat House Choice Of Colors -- Find out more about the great product at the image link.KittyKatFlat Deluxe Secure Cat Enclosure window mounted Cat House Condo with Pet Door and Litter Box *** Click image to review more details.Yes, Coco has been wandering into the neighbours houses through windows and doors, and terrorizing their cats too.
And now with the new SkratchKabin™ the KatKabin® scratchable cat house and bed your indoor cats have a cosy place of their own to snooze and exercise their natural instinct to scratch whilst protecting your furniture.
Peter Neville, world renowned feline behaviorist:
Bristol University, Department of Veterinary Medicine, LangfordHouse, Langford, Avon BS18 7DU, UK
(Excerpted from: Handbook of Feline Medicine, Willis J, Wolf A; Pergamon Press, Oxford OX3OBW, England)

"The human/cat relationship is based on many, often contrasting factors. Indoors thecat is valued for its cleanliness, affection and playfulness, and admired for its highlyevolved play behaviour. Although not a group hunter, the cat retains an enormous capacityto be sociable and accepts the benefits of living in the human family and den withoutcompromising its self-determining and independent behaviour.

The cat views the members of its human family largely as maternal figures. In theircompany, the adult cat continues much of its kitten behaviour, such as relaxed purring,initiation of playful and affectionate encounters and willingness to respond to vocal andtactile cues."

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Professor of Behavioral Pharmacology and Director of the BehaviorClinic at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine andinternationally known specialist in domestic animal behavioral research, states:Various structures can be used to allow cats out into fresh air but restricting theirmovements to certain areas. Wire netting can be used to enclose an area alongside thehouse just like an aviary for birds. Enclosures of different sizes can be used indifferent sites with tunnels between them and the house. A modular system allows forexpansion to a wide range of circumstances.If you have a pet cat, you will know that cats are very hard to impress. Actually, dogs are much more dependant on the owners but cats will do whatever they like and will go wherever they want to go. So don’t even try to change their preferences. and they love to stay independent. But as you love your cat, you can think of making an indoor cat house which will give them a great comfort and if they like it, you are really lucky.My wife and I cannot stand the idea of having to take our cats to the animal shelter for euthanasia if we cannot find them a home. (I cannot stand the idea of dropping $900/month on rent and utilities and eventually having an empty bank account once the unemployment money runs out, either.) But what if we could come up with a way for them to live at my parents' house, outside?It’s really very unique that you are making a cat house by crocheting. Actually it never comes in our mind that we can make a home by using a simple process of crocheting and so this time you can make that possible with this simple tutorial. Keeping one such cat house inside your home will always prove that you are creative.