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The PetSafe Indoor Cat Fence is the first Wireless Cat Fence made just for cats
The Dog Guard wireless indoor fence system is completely pet safe for your dog or cat. The system uses Dog Guard's to create a 360°wireless fence up to 8 ft. around the RT-2 Transmitter - that's 16 feet wide! This zone can be used to safely keep your pets safely INSIDE or OUTSIDE of it. The Dog Guard indoor pet fence can be used in countless ways, and is completely pet safe!
DIY cat enclosure on top of deck railing or fence - lets indoor cats get out in the sunshine & fresh air.
Apart from the size, the main difference between a cat enclosure and a cat fence is that the enclosure will have a roof of some kind. Read more about The best part about this kind of door is that it also keeps other animals out. Many cats love the freedom of electronic fences.Indoor Cat Fence Products for Cats - Pets and BeyondIndoor, Cat fence and Cats on Pinterest
The one absolute law when making the indoor-outdoor decision: Declawed kitties should be kept inside. (We don’t recommend that you ever declaw a cat but sometime people adopt cats that are already declawed.) Declawed cats can’t defend themselves from dogs, other cats, or predators, making the outdoors even riskier. But if your kitty’s got his claws and you’re still on the fence about whether to let him outdoors, here’s what to consider.Indoor hidden dog fencing and cat fencing can be utilized as well. Indoor electric dog fences and cat fences can provide solutions for pets that can't stay off the sofa,table, and counter tops. For owners that have both cats and dogs, this can prevent Spot from having Kitty's tasty litter box treats that he so loves. ForKitty, we can prevent her from going outside through Spot's doggie door.In addition to outdoor electric pet fences, we also provide indoor cat containment solutions – especially useful for protecting antique furniture from kitty’s claws or keeping entire rooms like the kitchen cat-free. View of electric pet fences for both indoor and outdoor cat containment for a better idea of how an electronic cat fence can work in your home.Cats are natural hunters and may show an interest in going outside. Many cat owners end up feeling bad if they don’t let their felines explore the outdoors. They may feel they are unfairly confining their pets indoors, and they decide to let their cats be outdoor cats. While their intentions might be admirable, their decision may not be the most informed one. Without a cat containment fence from Dog Guard, outdoor cats face all kinds of dangers that indoor cats do not.The ProtectaPet® Fencetop Cat Barrier is designed with versatility in mind: for fences 6 foot and taller, use our Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Brackets; for fences 5-6 foot tall, use ProtectaPet® Extra Long Cat Brackets; for fences between 3 and 5 feet tall, use ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Extension. The Cat Fence Brackets can be attached to wooden or concrete fence posts. Where there is privet hedge or no existing boundary, ProtectaPet® Freestanding Cat Enclosure Fencing can be used.Electric fence products from Dog Guard are safe, effective, and veterinarian-approved, and they come with a money-back guarantee. Our receivers come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re a proud cat owner and you want to keep your indoor or outdoor cat safe, you might want to buy a cat containment fence from Dog Guard.