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I have two cats. One of which is older, has a sensitive stomach, is prone to hairballs, and is a very finicky eater. I can't begin to list all the different brands of cat food I have tried for my cats. Everything from the cheapest to the most expensive, and this is the only brand I have discovered that my cats not only love, but has helped my older cats digestive system incredibly. He absolutely loves the taste and is no longer having issues with coughing up hairballs. I love the fact that Iams is healthy for them and produces a balanced diet for my cats. I also love that it is not to expensive and come in many different flavors and types,such as hairball control, to choose from. I have been feeding them Iams for years now and absolutely would not consider changing to another brand. This is a brand I trust implicitly and I believe that the Iams company has my cats best interest and health at heart.
Iams ProActive Health Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food, 7-lb bag; Iams Proactive Health Adult Digestive Care is a specially fo
I have been searching for a cat food which all my cats like and one which will soothe my oldest cat's sensitive stomach and help with her frequent vomiting due to hairballs. I wanted to stay with the Iams brand if I could because my cats all do well on it. After trying different Iams foods, I may have found a keeper with Iams ProActive Health Digestive Care Adult Formula Dry Cat Food. The cats all love it and the vomiting and hairball problem has lessened significantly so far. I like to buy larger sizes of cat food so I don't run out so often so the 16# bag at around $23 is a good bargain. Also, the small nuggets are easy for the older cats to chew. I am happy with this food so far and would recommend to others. Iams ProActive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food, 16 lbs. | PetcoIAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food 16 PoundsIams Sensitive Stomach with Chicken Dry Cat Food 3.00 lb Jewel-Osco
I have two female cats and they both loved this cat food. they both also have very sensitive stomachs and would frequently vomit up other cat food brands even though they were for that specific condition. this cat food was wonderful because neither of them have vomited since switching to iams cat food. I have made a permanent switch to iams for the health of my kitties.When it comes to their cat food products, Iams offers a wide selection of options within six unique product lines. The ProActive Health line of products includes 21 different recipes, both dry and wet. This line of products offers an assortment of formulas for cats with specific dietary needs such as indoor cats, kittens, senior cats, cats with sensitive stomachs, cats that suffer from hairballs, and cats with weight management issues. There are also several Iams ProActive Health cat treats designed to support oral health. Many of these recipes include a proprietary blend of fibers to help reduce hairballs and they are also supplemented with L-Carnitine to help burn fat and maintain healthy weight and metabolism.I have a 16 year old cat who was not eating much & losing weight. When I introduced her to Iams Sensitive Stomach Cat Food, she regained some weight. Her fur is softer and she has more energy.I have 4 cats; 3 are older than 10 years. I was having issues with vomiting and hairballs and Iams Hairball Control food wasn't helping. I tried the Iams Sensitive Stomach formula and it has really helped a lot. There is only occasional vomiting and the hairball issue is almost totally gone and they have been on this formula for about 2 months. If your cats are having these issues, I would strongly recommend trying this formula. All 4 of my cats apparently like the taste which is a plus.
As a side note, I would suggest staying away from any of the weight control foods. Some cats have skin and dietary issues with these foods. My cats had digestive issues, they were eating a lot more than normal, and the litter box was always busy because of it. Switching to a regular food made things better but the Sensitive Stomach formula has made even more digestive improvements. After 2 months, it's great!Iams ProActive Health Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food 5 LBS (Formerly Digestive Care) ** Hurry! Check out this great product : Best Cat FoodIams ProActive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food. This Iams ProActive Health formula has preBiotics that work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. Healthy inside. Healthy outside. Iams Digestive Care is a specially formulated diet to support and maintain a hea... - Iams ProActive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food.