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The short answer is no. It is much easier to have two people help to shave a cat and one of them should be experienced in grooming cats. Cat skin is very thin and can be easily cut. There is a lot of technique involved on how to stretch and bend the skin to prevent cutting. Using a high quality razor is also very important. All cats react differently. Some are more passive and some fight for their life to get away. A cat groomer knows the correct and safe ways to control the cat.
So, now you know why you might want to shave your cat’s fur. Want to know how to shave a cat? Read on.
However, there are several reasons why it is a good idea to shave your cat’s fur in certain circumstances. These include certain skin conditions, mats, and preparation for medical procedures. Let’s take each of these in turn. How to Shave a Cat - InstructablesHow to Shave a Cat - The Most Crucial Tips - YouTubeHow to shave a short-haired cat - a nice one:) - YouTube
However, it can get cool indoors for a shaved cat. If you decide to shave your cat, try to set up a sun-spot for him, so that he can warm up if he gets cool. Also, set up a bed with some warm blankets, again, for him to warm up in.ALSO: since people seem to think this is bad for a cat, you may want to put a warning saying "ask your vet if this is okay for your breed of cat" or something. A long-haired show cat or a cat with a stress/health condition probably shouldn't be shaved. :)Shaving Persian cats is a decision many owners make to help decrease mats, hairballs and for hygiene. However, it is not necessary to shave long haired cats. And shaving does not replace brushing and grooming your cat. But it can sometimes be helpful with the above issues.This short video show how you can shave your long haired cat at home and save some money at the same time. I used a cordless shaver that is quite powerful and quiet. They are the Wahl Arco SE Limited Edition Cordless Clippers which I would definitely recommend to anyone.
Try to always shave with the grain of the hair and not against it because not only will you not get a consistent look there is more of a chance of nicking your pet. I shaved Mr. Snuffles myself but he is a mellow cat and you will probably want a helper when you try it. I would highly suggest cutting their nails beforehand as well.
I am not a groomer and have no prior experience with pet grooming other than reading the directions that come with the clippers and some trial and error. Always read all directions that come with whatever clippers you purchase and shave your pets at your own risk.If you really want your to torture your cat and have him shaved, take him to a professional groomer. They are trained in how to properly shave a cat without stressing them out and cutting them.I received an email from the owner who was clearly concerned with the matting on Murphy’s coat. She explained that Murphy didn’t like to be groomed and had several large matts on his tummy and around his private parts. By the time a coat gets to matting like this, very tight to the skin, it is useless to try combing out. Try to put a comb to a coat like this and the cat will react badly. As usual on grooms like this, I arrive expecting to shave out the matts and the cat to be a tad unhappy and a little intolerant. Clients never really know how aggressive their cat is going to be. Either that, or they never tell you honestly!! The owner told me Murphy doesn’t much like being combed. That was putting it mildly!! From the start Murphy was out to have me for lunch. His nails were extremely long and trying to cut them down, mainly so that I didn’t get scratched, was hard enough. Within seconds I knew that Murphy would bite me the moment he had the chance too. I don’t like to use muzzles and 99% of the time I use a towel as a barrier to protect me and this is usually sufficient, but Murphy made it clear that lunch was my hands or arms and no towel was going to stop him! I put on my dog handling gaiters as a precaution.